Support for Riel

To the voters of the Lower Yakima Valley, I am happy to write a letter of support for Kevin Riel - candidate for Commissioner, Fire District #5.

It is important to the voters of Yakima County for broad representation on the Fire Commission. Kevin's home near Harrah represents an area in the western part of the district; sitting commissioners are from central (Zillah) and eastern (Mabton) Yakima Valley.

Kevin's knowledge of the duties of the district are based on his perfect attendance for 19 years as a volunteer firefighter/EMT with Fire District #5 and his leadership role as captain of Station #3.

It is also important for a commissioner to understand that his responsibilities are to set policies and procedures for the entire district...and not to mico-manage daily activities of the stations. Kevin is committed to this role.

Kevin is successful in his business; he understands the necessity of budgeting, financing, the realism of asset and risk management. This, combined with Kevin's accessibility to the public, make him a great candidate for Commissioner - Fire District #5.

I urge you to cast your vote for Kevin Riel - Commissioner, Fire District #5.

/s/ Bill Flower, Sunnyside

Vote for Darr common sense

Grandview citizens, you have the opportunity to do away with the "good old boys club" legacy of mayors that has reigned for several decades in Grandview.

With her 20 years of experience on city council, it's time to use Helen Darr's common sense in spending, common sense in decision making, common sense in planning, common sense in addressing issues.

Common sense says vote Darr for a full time and accessible mayor for Grandview.

/s/ Dottie Cervantes, Grandview

Election will have dramatic effect

on S’side's future

This year's election finds Sunnyside on the precipice of what could possibly be our greatest period of expansion and growth ever. Even so, there are three city council candidates who want to change the positive direction this town is going in.

Carol Stone deserves kudos for her community involvement and beautification projects, but that hardly qualifies her to help manage a multi million dollar budget and set policy.

Bruce Epps says he wants what's best for Sunnyside, but if given the chance to sit at the negotiating table, will he be able to say no to the unions who are working so hard to get him elected?

And then there's Bengie (Aguilar). As entertaining as she's been, it's time for her to be fired. This town doesn't need her distractions and racial divisiveness any longer.

If the wrong candidates are elected this year, it will be because the silent majority didn't vote. Don't let this happen. This election may not change the course of our nation, but it will have a dramatic effect on Sunnyside's future. We need to keep going in the right direction. Make sure you vote and make sure you vote for Mike Farmer, Bruce Ricks and Bill Gant.

/s/ Chad Werkhoven, Sunnyside

Elect Rohde

I am worried about what is happening with so many of our youth. When they don't get a good education the first time around, it's very difficult later in life to go back and finish up their schooling.

We need to elect Mary Rita Rohde to the Sunnyside School Board to give our children a better chance at getting it right the first time.

Mary Rita Rohde has the experience and the expertise to work with the school district and with children's families to make sure all children in our community achieve in school and graduate from high school. It's not acceptable to give up on any child in his or her educational endeavors.

Please join me in voting for Mary Rita Rohde for the Sunnyside School Board, Position #2.

/s/ Dr. P.J. Swofford, Sunnyside

Abide by laws

I am writing this letter in response to Rose Torres's letter (10-12-05) in the Daily Sun News.

First off, I'm a single parent from a multi-racial family. My son, too, had the backing of extended family and was taught to protect himself and look out for his family. The difference being my son was taught right from wrong and to respect people and the laws of our country. If you don't like the laws then you need to vote to change them. Until then, if you break them you are held accountable. PERIOD! My family supports each other without enabling each other to be disrespectful and lawless.

Second, I am very tired of people who run out of excuses, then turn to the "race card". I know Police Officer Melissa Rodriguez personally. I have ridden with her while on duty. Her race is Hispanic and her nationality is American. She enforces the laws we have put in place with integrity and compassion. Not by the color of skin someone has. She not only served in the U.S. military to protect our consitutional rights, now she is out on the streets of Sunnyside putting her life on the line to protect your family and mine. Without people like her, our city would

be overrun by gangs and people with no respect for the laws or constitutional rights.

Hate and violence are passed on from one generation to the next. It's time we break the chain. Stop making our children feel like victims by telling them people don't like them because of the color of their skin. Start teaching them to be proud to be an American and abide by the laws of our land.

Third, I'd say it's crazy to think that Chief Radder, or any other decent law enforcement officer, would just wake up one morning and say to themselves, "I think I will go out today and find a 12-year-old child whose life I will ruin by picking on them and placing a vendetta on their family."

Does Ms. Torres really believe they have the time or lack of morals to do so? Most children see a police officer as someone they can go to if they need help, unless of course they have been taught differently.

Finally, I feel sorry for this mother who will never know for her son the pride I feel for my son, who is now 19 years old and serving in the U.S. Navy protecting the constitutional rights of the American people, including Ms. Torres.

/s/ Michelle M. Hutson, Sunnyside


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