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Rushing for no reason

After nearly two years of being able to keep my times straight I am beginning to realize that I have once again managed to slip into a crazy time warp of some kind.

As I leave for work in the morning, it depends on which clock I look at in the house as to whether or not I'm leaving with plenty of time to get to work or if I'm technically already late before I even step foot out my front door.

Waking up and looking at my alarm clock everything seems fine, but by the time I walk to the bathroom that clock says I'm starting my day five minutes late. Walking into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal, the microwave blinks at me that I have plenty of time.

But for me lately, the trickiest time to keep track of has become the little green digital numbers that stare back at me from my dashboard.

For the past few weeks I've thought that something might have been going on with the clock in my car. I would often times walk out of the house with, what I thought, was plenty of time to get to work. But by the time I got into my car and turned the key, the clock in my dashboard would tell me otherwise.

I would go from having plenty of time to get to work to having a heart attack when I saw the time that would flash across the clock in my car telling me I was going to be late.

On more than one occasion I remember thinking to myself, "Wow, that's weird. It sure does seem to take me awhile to get out of the house."

Then finally, yesterday, I realized that it's not me taking awhile to get out of the house that's messing me up. Instead, it's that dumb clock.

I pulled out my cellular phone yesterday while I was in my car, looked down at the time it was showing me and realized that the clock in my car is six minutes fast.

On one hand I was happy to see that I wasn't going crazy. But on the other hand, I felt a little miffed for not being smart enough to investigate that little clock sooner.

It's funny how something like six minutes can make such a difference in your mood. I would go from being nice and relaxed as I got ready for work, to instantly getting panicked as I sat in the car and tried to figure out how I could possibly be running so late.

So, a little advice, if you think it's taking you a really long time to walk the few steps from your front door to your car every morning...you might want to double check to make sure you haven't been sucked into a strange time warp, too.


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