Wait on RR crossing repairs

$35,000 for railroad crossings!

The only railroad crossing on the City of Grandview's six-year transportation improvement program (dated July 18, 2005) is the West 2nd Street crossing.

Why not put all the railroad crossings on the six-year transportation improvement program, and apply for matching funds-railroad crossings are a safety item.

I'm sure the citizens of Grandview, given the option, wouldn't mind waiting a bit longer while the appropriate paperwork is completed.

A $17,500 savings-that would be the responsible way of spending our tax dollars; or do we have money to burn?

/s/ Dottie Cervantes, Grandview

Air quality

never better

I read Mr. Berk's letter to the editor (9-21-05) with amazement. If he can not smell and see the difference in our community's air quality, he is the only one.

In my 16 years in this community it has never been better. Is the clean-up done at the feedlot? NO. But 20,000 plus cows urinating and defecating upwind from our town are gone. The feedlot will not receive its last payment until the lot is clean. The air will only get better.

As for his concern about the movement of dried manure (which has very low odor) to the north of the feedlot, if he took the time to ask, he would learn that Monson's has the right in the purchase agreement to relocate the manure to that property. Monson's also has to remove at least 35,000 tons of manure from that location each year until it is gone. They do not have the right to move manure from locations other thanthe feedlot to that property.

Mr. Berk (coincidentally the same last name as the council person Mike Farmer soundly defeated eight years ago) questions Mike Farmer's role in getting rid of the smell. I am uniquely qualified to put his concern at ease, as I worked with MIke over the last seven years to help make it happen. Mike made getting rid of the smell one of his original campaign promises. Without Mike Farmer and Bruce Ricks, it would not have happened. It took guts, vision and determination to get it done. They took a chance to make the most significant improvement in our community in decades. For that alone they deserve to be re-elected.

/s/ Don Vlieger, Sunnyside


It is no wonder the Mabton School District has been getting such great press lately. Not only was Julia Hart a paid reporter for the Sunnyside Daily Sun News, but she is also on a paid consulting contract with the Mabton School District. This explains why her articles are so supportive of the Mabton School District and biased towards those who questions its actions. If the Mabton School District cannot tell the truth, they try to buy the truth.

Ms. Hart stated in her August 2005 article, "Communication mishap causes meeting disruption," that I said, "The Mabton School District board of directors was not following its own policy." It might have been nice to include the policy so that the readers could understand the argument. Mabton School District Policy #1430 states that the district "values public input," although you would not believe that by the way the board refuses to put visitors on the agenda or to recognize them at the beginning of meetings as this policy states. "To allow for orderly and equal opportunity of visitors to speak," the board can request visitors give prior notification to be included on the agena. The district has required people to provide their topics before being considered to be included on the agenda, even though the policy does not include that requirement. It also provides the opportunity for public input on all agenda items.

Unfortunately, Ms. Hart did not want your readers to know what the policy stated because it would have supported an opposing view of the district.

Ms. Hart is not an objective reporter when it comes to the Mabton School District and has given herself and the Daily Sun News a "black eye." Whether it is the New York Times, CNN or the Sunnyside Daily Sun News, community members expect news reporters to be impartial and truthful. This has not been the case with this reporter. This type of unethical behavior should not be tolerated by any organization, and "thank you" to the Daily Sun news for dealing with it on their end.

/s/ Fabian Castilleja, Mabton

Sunnyside pageant preparation a blast

This summer I decided to run for Miss Sunnyside and it was a blast. I got to know a few faces even better than what I already did, and I also got to learn the dances and how to walk. It was all a great experience that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Also, when I decided to run I knew I would need a lot of help, and at this time I would like to say a quick thank you to all of those great people.

First, I would like to thank my two sponsors, Dr. Martin and Dr. Rodriguez from Martin and Rodriguez Dental, and Alan Dosch from Elite Towing & Recovery. Without them I would not have been able to even run.

I would also like to thank Marge Van Tress for lending me her car, and to Loren Van Tress for cleaning and waxing the car. Also, Cindy from First Impressions for doing a fabulous job on my hair at the last minute, and to Mike and Sue Wedam for lending me the bench that I used in my monologue.

I also need to thank all of the people who bought raffle tickets from me (especially the customers from Marie's Country Kitchen), thank you grandma and grandpa, Dr. Schuler's office, Lower Valley Credit Union and the Sunnyside Rotary swim team.

Last, but not least, a special thank you to Jennifer Golden for making this experience so much fun. I couldn't have imagined it any other way.

To everyone who helped in any way at all, thanks for all of the support and have a great year. I look forward to being a Sunnyside ambassador for the 2005-06 year.

Thank you.

/s/ Heather Van Corbach, Sunnyside


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