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Letter offensive

In regards to the letter that Mr. Fabian Castilleja wrote about Ms. Julia Hart, I find it offensive.

If I recall, this is the first article in two years that Ms. Hart has wrote about a Mabton School Board meeting, because Melissa Browning Dekker used to cover the Mabton stories up until the birth of her child. I recall those articles and they appeared to be somewhat objective and professional. I might not have agreed with them, but I also didn't go to her boss and force her to resign. The reason why it isn't an issue is because she is a professional, a person full of integrity and is objective. Should I mention the awards that Ms. Hart has won for her journalism? I think her record speaks for itself.

Ms. Hart used to live in Mabton and is an active member in the Lower Yakima Valley. Ms. Hart has done more for this valley than Mr. Castilleja will ever do in his lifetime. As for saying she causes the newspaper to have a "black eye," well, that is what Mr. Castilleja has done to the community of Mabton and to the education system. As to Ms. Hart not being objective and biased, I would say Mr. Castilleja should look in the mirror.

As a professional educator, Mr. Castilleja didn't put the needs of the students first. He put his own personal agenda first. Why is it that Mr. Castilleja won't tell the parents of students why his contract wasn't renewed? Oh, I forgot, he wants his old employer to tell people so he can say that the school district doesn't uphold its professional ethics. I think parents should realize that Mr. Castilleja is the only person that can tell parents why his contract wasn't renewed, and why doesn't he tell us? I personally think he doesn't want the parents and the community to know the real reason because he is embarrassed.

Why doesn't Mr. Castilleja answer the questions that parents and community members have...oh yes, he is suing the school district. Since things are not going his way he wants to lash out at someone. He went and forced a good, active member of the valley to resign from a profession that she has been in for 30 years. I think it is a great loss to the Daily Sun News that Ms. Julia Hart will no longer be with the newspaper. I wish her the best in her new adventure, for she deserves it.

Ms. Hart will always be a supportive person of the community and welcomed anywhere she goes in the Yakima Valley. Can Mr. Castilleja say that?

So, thank you Mabton School District for not renewing Mr. Castilleja's contract.

/s/ Shannon Pierce, Mabton parent/teacher


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