God bless you all

I wanted to say Thank you to my family and friends for their prayers. To Dr. Elerding, Dr. Tagge, Dr. Wrung and the Sunnyside Community Hospital surgical staff for their healing touch during my surgery. And also, to all the nursing staff that helped get me back on my feet.

May the Lord bless you all for all the care you give to our community.

God Bless.

/s/ M. Elena Gonzalez

An Answer

This is in reply to the “What would Jesus do?” editorial in the April 12 issue. Jesus would punish those who transgress the law and take the law into their own hands. He will only allow things to be done that are according to the law and commandments. It’s as simple as that.

/s/ Henry Timmermans

Stereotypes and misinformation

In response to the April 12


letter from Steve Hagensicker, I am not surprised to see that he was stereotypical and misinformed on legal and illegal immigrants alike. Being of Mexican decent, I was angered by the way he portrayed my people and other immigrants to be.

We don’t expect laws to be ignored, just fair. How is it that Americans are free to roam the earth with nothing but passports, but if others try to do the same and come into the U.S., chaos erupts? Furthermore, we wave our foreign flags in your face to show pride for our roots. It’s not our fault everyone else has forgotten where their people originally came from and cannot embrace their culture.

Control at our borders exists; however, it isn’t fair for Americans to come and go as they please when others can’t do the same. I agree with one point Steve made, which is for those here illegally to obey the laws. It’s common sense, if you’re already here try your best to keep it that way.

Did Steve pay attention during history class in school? I ask this, because I don’t agree that immigrants should learn to speak English. If I remember correctly, his people came to America as uninvited immigrants as well. They made no effort to learn the language of the people who were already here, the Native “American” Indians. Instead they were kicked off their land and made to learn the language and customs of foreigners, because they were thought to be savages. Mexicans were also present on the West Coast when Steve’s relatives arrived as well. As for public assistance, the system is already set where only those with valid social security numbers and documents are granted state aid. Caseworkers pry deeply into the lives of applicants before releasing their firm grip on any funding.

All I’m saying is that if Steve’s ancestors had followed the same guidelines he has set for today’s immigrants, he and the rest of his fellow Americans would be speaking Spanish and/or tongue of the Native “American” Indian.

/s/ Nancy Mendez


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