Easter egg hunt

Sunnyside Recreation would like to thank the Sunnyside Food Pavilion and the Cinco de Mayo court (Veronica Almeida and Cassandra Romero), as well as Cindo de Mayo candidates Rosie Lopez, Rosa Picazo, Danielle Gonzalez, Veronica Romero and Vanessa Morfin, and Easter bunny Lucy Avila, for their support with this year's Easter egg hunt event.

Thanks also to Amy Rubio, the acting Cinco de Mayo court coordinator, for arranging the young ladies' appearance last Saturday.

Due to the unpredictable weather, we held the Easter egg hunt inside the community center. It was a great success with more than 150 children participating. We held a drawing for four Easter baskets. Congratulations to the winners-2-year-old Madison Castaneda, 4-year-old Sofie Salgado, 6-year-old Ruben Vargas and 10-year-old Sandra Acevedo.

This event would not have been possible without the help of the Sunnyside Food Pavilion. Their generous candy donation and the four large, beautiful Easter baskets were greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do in supporting this community.

/s/ Joan Niemeyer, coordinator; Sandra Medrano, assistant, Sunnyside Recreation & Community Center

Student protesters

Last Friday, students from our local school district decided to hold a protest on the immigration issue that has become such an issue to our nation. My question is, do these students even know what they are protesting?

By deciding to march during school time and ignoring their own education to help those who have decided to ignore the laws, who exactly are they helping? You, the students, may want equal rights for all but do you understand exactly what those rights and obligations are?

To be here and appreciate what is here you have to do it legally. ?The old saying goes, you can't get something for nothing, you have to earn it.

Well, my grandparents and great-grandparents earned it, learned it and appreciated it. They didn't expect it to be handed to them on a silver platter. If you want the silver platter, then you must work for it, believe in it and do it the legal way, otherwise you, the younger generation, will be left with nothing but a nation of wants and give-me's.

I'm sorry, but we already have laws on the books and I say follow the law or suffer the consequences. The word "illegal" is in the dictionary. Maybe these students need to look it up and then decide if disrupting a school day and our local law enforcement is in the best interest of their issue.

/s/ Patty S. Denson, Sunnyside


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