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Bees in the punch bowl

I don't see what the big deal is about weddings. It seems archaic to have a big puffy white dress and a fairy tale wedding. When did weddings change from simple ceremonies where women wore their best black dress and said "I do."

Now, women spend hours looking for or making the perfect wedding dress, arguing with bridesmaids about what they will wear and becoming stressed out over small trivial things.

My sister was recently married and I never realized how much work went into the ceremonial aspect of getting married. There were bouquets to make, dresses to sew, equipment to rent and so many little details to tend to that it made my head spin.

My sister asked me to be the maid-of-honor and I gladly accepted as I was honored to have been asked. Little did I know that I was to receive lists of things to do, and, as she revised them, they got longer.

Not thinking that it would be an overwhelming task I offered to make the food for her bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and wedding. I am still exhausted from the effort. It was more work than I bargained for and, as two days before the wedding approached, I was scrambling to put together the food and finish the task list I had been given.

In all fairness to my sister her wedding was absolutely fabulous, but anything that could go wrong, did. My sister's friends stayed up until four in the morning the day of the wedding to help her finish sewing her wedding dress. They also had to remake two of the bridesmaids dresses the night before the wedding.

My dress ended up looking like a cast-off from the Drew Carey Show that Mimi wouldn't even wear. Luckily, I had a friend who let me borrow a dress that didn't look like two gi-normous rolls of fabric fighting each other.

The flower wreaths I made were too small for the flower girl's heads as I had modeled them off of my dog's head thinking they would be similar in size. That was definitely not a good idea.

Bees kept jumping into the punch fountain for a drink and ended up drowning, leaving us with gallons of leftover punch with bees floating in it.

The ceremony itself was beautiful, but I couldn't help wondering if it was all worth it. I could see the point of that work and preparation if it were for more than one day, but it wasn't and that effort seems crazy to me.

After this experience I realize why I had never really thought about weddings. They are nothing but a headache. There is all this time and money spent for one day.

I guess I am different from most women. I did not even want to think about getting married when I was a young girl. In seventh grade, I wrote a paper entitled "Weddings are the Pits" for school after being stuck as a candlelighter in a slew of weddings.

Perhaps if weddings were fun to plan, I would be excited about them, but, from my experience, weddings are stressful, usually boring events that cater to one's need of self love.

If I had to plan a day that was "special" to me, it would be in Ireland or somewhere in Europe doing exactly what I wanted, not stressing about every aspect of my special day because everyone will be judging me.


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