Cutting to the Core

Iraq mess is not media's fault

Enough! I hear it over and over again. "I don't trust the media or I don't care what the media says about Iraq, I support the troops," said clueless.

What does that mean?

I heard on the G. Gordon Liddy show the other day that the media lost the war in Vietnam and is losing the war for the U.S. in Iraq.

That's just nonsense. The media didn't lose the war in Vietnam. It was the South Vietnamese. They lost it. Of course, Johnson and Nixon contributed by not having the guts to fight, hence massive troop movements coming from the borders of Laos and Cambodia. The media had nothing to do with that.

Now to the current mess in Iraq. The media didn't tell Bush to invade Iraq and topple Saddam's government. If anything, the media helped Bush achieve his target. The media didn't ask any questions like, why are we going to Iraq? Shouldn't we finish the job in Afghanistan and then take on Iran and North Korea before we even consider weak Iraq? These questions were never asked by anyone in the mainstream media.

I hear people say all the time the media only focuses on the negatives instead of the positives in Iraq.

I disagree. If American or Iraqi forces kill or capture insurgents, the media reports it. That's positive I believe.

I heard some young man at the Sunnyside Veterans Day ceremony tell the guest speaker he doesn't care what the media says, he still thinks the troops are doing a good job.

I had to hold my breath. It wasn't the place to get into that kind of discussion. But, when did the media say the troops aren't doing a good job? I've only heard things are going bad in Iraq. Isn't that a fair statement. Is the media lying about what is going on in Iraq? Are all these bodies being found in Iraq a lie? Is the media distorting the truth to make the U.S. look bad? Come on.

Who cares if soldiers take out school supplies to an Iraqi village when during the same day four U.S. servicemen are killed. Which is more important? When servicemen are killed I could care less how many pencils and books the Iraqi children have.

Remember the armor on the Humvees during the early part of the war. Troops were getting killed because there wasn't enough armor on the Humvees they were using. Was the media at fault for reporting on a negative story or did that reporting force the military to start offering more protection to its troops?

We could get rid of all the media and there are still going to be terrorists crossing into Iraq through Syria and Iran and killing American forces. It won't be until the powers that be get off their butts and come up with a plan to win in Iraq that things will change.

It's time people stop complaining about the job the media is doing and start blaming the job the politicians who took us to Iraq in the first place are doing.


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