Cutting to the Core

One green card and two new teeth make for a pretty good month

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga known as my life had a few twists and turns this past month.

First, the U.S. government finally got something right, they gave my wife her green card. Yeahhhh. Let me tell you, that is one huge load off our shoulders. The amount of time and money spent trying to get her that little card was so enormous it was almost anticlimactic when she was finally approved.

We had received a letter from the Department of Homeland Security (The Man) telling us to report at The Man's office in Yakima. We were to bring copies of everything we had ever submitted to The Man, copies of everything The Man had sent to us and evidence supporting our relationship, as in photos, letters, bills with our names on them, stuff like that.

I've been married for three years and I've known Tanya for five years so it was a little weird getting ready to try and prove to someone I was married. Usually people just believe me when I tell them I'm married to her.

We drove to Yakima for our 8:30 a.m. appointment. The Piper cub was looking adorable and our interviewer got that look most women get when they see Piper. We were in after that. I don't know why she even continued with the charade of interviewing us after that.

She looked at nothing we brought in as so called 'evidence' of our relationship. She had everything we had ever sent her. We waited in the waiting room longer than the interview process took. That was good of course, just a little anticlimactic.

Our appointment was on Nov. 28 and the following day my car died. I don't think it will be seeing any more road time. I'm sure this is it for the beast. A car I had gotten a pretty good deal on was ruined because of stupidity on my part. Fortunately for me, I picked up another car just last week at a decent price that runs better than my old car did. I think it's a pretty good car, shoot, I hope it's a pretty good car.

I felt pretty good when Tanya received her green card in the mail on the day I bought the car. An omen?

Things got even better when the Piper cub cut her second tooth. She also said a couple of words, miming mostly, but still it was pretty cool. She can wave bye-bye now, too. She does it while she flashes a two-toothed grin.

So all and all not a bad start to the month and it's not even Christmas yet. Maybe I can sell my dead car before the 25th and make this a banner month.


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