Guy with biggest gun wins dispute?

I found the front page photograph of the Jan. 5 edition of the

Daily Sun News

both disturbing and sad. I have no personal agenda in writing this letter, just concern for individual rights.

I do not know either Mr. Tom Paul nor Mr. Mark Kunkler (Sunnyside city attorney), but it seems to me that there had to be a better way to resolve the issues at hand than to tear out Mr. Paul's fence posts. I, too, realize that this issue has been a long standing dispute, but there are better ways to resolve differences.

The photograph gave me an uncomfortable feeling of "the guy with the biggest guns" wins the dispute. It's very sad that it all had to come to this. When is someone going to get physically injured before it is all over?

I'm hoping to read that the city and Mr. Paul can come to amicable conclusion to this entire situation.

/s/ Lucy L. Dykstra, Grandview

Leave Paul alone

I have lived in Sunnyside for many years now and I can honestly say at this moment that this city is very disappointing.

I have followed the Tom Paul saga for months and I want to reply by asking....what is the City of Sunnyside thinking? Is there not anything else in this town that you can focus your attention on?

I can sure think of many things for you. Downtown Sunnyside is falling apart. It is the ghetto part of town and there is nothing appealing to attract people. Businesses are closing their doors left and right and all that seems to be taking their places are Chinese restaurants. We have enough of them.

What gives the city the right to enter someone's property and take down poles? The city claims the sign was taken down because it encroached the public right-of-way. I drive that road every day and I have never had a problem with that sign. It has never been in my way.

If the city really wants to start talking about things encroaching the public right-of-way, then let's talk about the shrubs right up the road from Tom Paul's property that are in the way. The shrubs are sticking out further than his signs were.

In my opinion the City of Sunnyside needs to leave Tom Paul alone and focus its attention on using our tax money for better things in this town. All this money that has been spent on this fight with him could have been used for more important things....for example, more police officers to help cut down our extremely growing crime rate.

I have enjoyed the signs from Mr. Paul. He calls it like he sees it. Good man.

It is time to leave him alone and focus on more important things in town. Make this town the appealing place that the city claims it to be.

/s/ Heather Robert, Sunnyside

Downtown ‘stroll’

I want to say that I enjoyed Frances Potts' "stroll" downtown (Our Valley feature in the Jan. 5

Daily Sun News

). I think Sunnyside has some very neat old buildings and I have often enjoyed looking at them when I have walked downtown.

She did miss one of my favorite buildings—the H&H Furniture building, or the old Howard's Drug Store building with its arched second story windows.

I believe with some of these great assets it is too bad more isn't being done to revitalize downtown.

/s/ Carol Peterson, Sunnyside


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