Spink Engineering to oversee well project

MABTON - With Mabton's Well #5 project getting ready to start, the Mabton City Council approved a resolution Tuesday night giving Spink Engineering the task of overseeing the construction of the well.

Blue Star Construction Company hopes to start construction on the well by the end of March, City Administrator Ildia Jackson said.

Spink Engineering will do on-site inspections of the well, the water line and the pumphouse construction. The company will also review equipment submittals, review progress payments and approve the final construction.

"They will monitor the progress of the well and make sure the plans are followed," Jackson said.

Also at Tuesday night's meeting, Jackson informed the council of a former Mabton student's intention of filming a movie in Mabton and the surrounding areas.

Ben Vargas has tentative plans to film "The Brown Town" locally.

Jackson told the council that no permits would be required and the filming will not disrupt traffic or create a nuisance.


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