Part D Medicare distorted by political candidate

I am not running for political office, as is Kennewick Democrat Richard Wright, who was emphasized in the March 16 edition of the Daily Sun News on the front page. Having spoken to various clubs and organizations on Part D Medicare, I was surprised at his blunt put down.

This candidate, a physical therapist, seems to consider himself an expert, even on war since his brother was involved.

Actually, the large number eligible can sign up or not with Part D Medicare. In truth, some will find this is a God send when spending huge funds for medicine, that will keep them from going bankrupt by saving a great amount of money for them. This is a major thrust as some spend unbelievable amounts for high priced medicines, and this is actually a life saving method of financial survival.

Some will find they will want to keep present plans that are as good as Part D Medicare. Some will not want to sign up, especially those who have less than $750 a year in medical expenses.

Part D has so many voluntary avenues that to call the whole program bad, as Wright has, truly is not correct.

I have, as a doctor who can prescribe medicines, including controlled substances, studied this from the time Congress-and not just Doc Hastings' one vote-passed this with bipartisan support. This physical therapist is undoubtedly trying to be sincere, but if this is a sample of his expertise, then voters would be well off to avoid such a deceptive candidate saying things that depart from the truth.

It's interesting that such a candidate running as a Democrat would degrade a program that gives special attention to low income persons. Part D extends even to no cost for those who qualify.

Congress has specifically by law prohibited anyone selling this improperly. As Mr. Wright implied that someone sold this to his mother, one can only come to a house by that person's invitation.

I would not even bother to write this letter unless feeling this Congressional candidate is not really that knowledgeable about Part D Medicare, as he has made statements that do not conform to the truth. I would advise him to study Part D Medicare, as he obviously needs to.

He is looking for a nice Congressional position and distorts Part D Medicare in the process.

/s/ Dr. J.R. Hale, an overseason World War II veteran, Sunnyside


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