Cutting to the Core

Changes in early fatherhood

I was sitting in my weekly staff meeting when it was suggested I write something about my new baby. I could write a column once a week on Piper, she changes so often, but I've been somewhat hesitant to do that.

See, I can't stand Kathy Lee Gifford or Rosie O'Donnel. Those two were notorious for speaking at great lengths about their children. I would hate to ever be compared to them but for the sake of writing a column, I'll take the chance.

It's been six weeks today since Piper was born. I can't believe it's been that long since I was alone in the hospital room with Piper, trying to figure out what to do. I managed to just stare at her for what seemed like hours until they wheeled my wife in the room.

She's changed quite a bit since that day. She's talking now. Her words don't make sense to anyone but I'm sure they do for her. Instead of forming any words she likes to grunt and strain a lot. Sometimes I don't understand. I'll have just checked her diaper or changed it and then she'll start straining for about five minutes straight. Just grunting and clenching.

When she takes a break I'll check her diaper again but it will be clean. My confusion continues.

She's become less shy in the last six weeks. She has a lot of gas and doesn't seemed to be bothered when she lets it pass. She has never even muttered an "excuse me."

Her favorite time to eat is midnight. Before, she would wake up around that time, eat and get changed, and then fall back to sleep. Now she gets up and wants to stay up. Piper doesn't feel it's polite of me or Tanya if we are sleeping when she's up so she likes to talk with us to keep us awake. Sometimes if we are too sleepy, Piper will scream at us to make sure we don't fall asleep.

She's fond of a little game she came up with. She likes to see how many diapers she can use in a day. I believe her record is 15 but she might have broken that by now. She trains very hard.

I think she might have an eye for sports. I'm not sure. Oddly enough, if she is feeling fussy and wants to make trouble, she calms down almost instantly when I put her in my lap as I'm playing college football on my Xbox. I guess the sight of the Cougars stomping the stuffing out of the Huskies has a calming effect on the future WSU valedictorian.

Piper's changed a bit, oh yes. She's getting bigger and more curious every day. She still seems happy for the most part, though. I have to give credit to my amazing wife for that. She does a lot for Piper and me. She not only takes great care of me, she takes even greater care of Piper.

It's thanks to her, Tanya, that the changes in my life have gone as smoothly as they have.

Well enough about my family. I'll try not to bore the readers too much with Piper's exploits but I can foresee a few more of my columns devoted to her. There's lots more for her to do. She has to start crawling, walking and then the day will come of course when she says, "Daddy." I'll fight to get that column on the front page.


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