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on athletic bond

As the voice of the Grizzlies of Sunnyside, I am very much in favor of passing the fitness and athletic facilities bond proposal.

I have seen many games at the current stadium—football and soccer—and have seen spectators falling through cracked boards. As I see it, the stadium seating is a hazard as it sits on weathered footings. Having to go up and down the stairs to the pressbox for over 15 years and finding it very unsafe as well, I have seen the pressbox go from bad to worse over the years. It has poor visibility, poor lighting and no heating at all for the cold late fall.

I believe that our patrons deserve better seating and improved facilities overall. I recommend that we all vote YES on the Sunnyside Fitness and Athletic Facilities Bond.

/s/ Ruben Carrera, Sunnyside

Bond proposal great for kids

Please join us in voting “Yes” for the Sunnyside School District Physical Education and Athletic Facilities Bond. We have spent many hours studying this issue and believe this proposal will be great for our kids and great for the community.

If you vote “yes” the cost to you, the taxpayer, will be 28¢ per thousand, or a $28 increase on a $100,000 home. It will increase our tax rate to a maximum of $1.74. This will still be the second lowest tax rate in Yakima County. No academic funds will be used for the construction of the facility.

The current football field bleachers are 40 years old and no longer meet current codes. We must replace those bleachers. We appointed a committee to carefully study all options for upgrading the current facilities to meet current codes. After careful review, we feel like this is the best option for consideration.

The proposed PE/athletic facility improvements include a new, and much safer bleacher system, improvements to the track, football, baseball and soccer fields, new stadium announcing booths, public address systems and scoreboards, new locker rooms, restrooms, concessions and storage closer to the stadium, new parking and increased areas for teaching physical education and health classes. This facility will be a huge benefit to the students and to the community.

We ask you to join us when we vote “yes” for Sunnyside schools.

/s/ Sunnyside School District Board of Directors (Joanne Kilian, Lorenzo Garza Jr., Steve Carpenter, Rocky Simmons, Miguel Puente)

Boycott appreciated

It wasn’t just a rumor that on May 1 all illegal Mexicans were going to stay home from work, school and shopping. May I tell you how much I appreciate you illegals choosing to do so?

First, I didn’t have to deal with people who don’t know how to drive, when dropping off my children at school. At school, my daughters were able to get the attention and teaching they deserve without the distraction of misbehaving illegals. My first grade daughter went a whole day at school without being hit, kicked, punched, stabbed with a pencil or having her skirt lifted up. What a wonderful day for her.

Next, when going to pick up my daughter at high school it was a pure pleasure. No blaring radios, no one blocking traffic. Mmmmm, I like it!

When going to the elementary school to pick up my first grader I didn’t have to wait in line, I was able to drive right up and pick her up.

We then stopped by the grocery store to do some shopping for supper and to pick up milk. Normally it would have been only for milk, but since it was rumored that all the illegals weren’t going shopping I splurged to show my support for legal American citizens. When shopping I was subjected to illegal children running around, throwing products on the floor, screaming and running over me with shopping carts.

I appreciated the illegal Mexican boycott so much I’d like to invite all of the illegal Mexicans to make this a permanent situation by going back to Mexico.

/s/ S.E. Lain, Sunnyside

Support bond

I want to encourage everyone to vote yes and support the Sunnyside School District’s athletic bond proposal.

I attended Sunnyside public schools and my children did, also. Our football bleachers are over 40 years old and do not meet current codes. Our track needs a new surface and, if you have attended a multi-team meet, there is very limited seating.

Our teams, football, soccer and PE, cannot be on our present football field every day because of the wear and tear. If the field-turf system is installed inside our track it is durable for everyday use. By doing this it frees up badly needed green space for physical education. This is something our students need desperately.

Bottom line is, we will still have the second lowest tax rate in Yakima County passing this bond. We will have a quality facility, super bleachers and more seating. It will be a facility the community can use, also. I hope you will vote yes with me for our kids.

/s/ Rick Van de Graaf, Sunnyside

Immigration issue not black & white

According to Steve Hagensicker, we should be disgusted by those who demonstrate pride in their heritage by waving a flag. The issue before our nation is immigration reform, not what flag a person chooses to wave, not public documents in a foreign language and not public assistance. From reading his letter one could be led to believe that undocumented persons come to our country with the intention of breaking the law and receiving public assistance.

As an American, I am disgusted by this perpetuation of ignorant stereotypes.

Others would have us believe that all European immigrants came here legally. This idea is as ridiculous as complaints about remittances sent by Mexican workers to their families. When did it become anyone’s business how an individual chooses to spend money he or she has earned? Are the affluent who have their wealth tied up in foreign markets and foreign investments also criticized? Does Troy Whittle also complain about those who ship their companies and American jobs to foreign soil? In addition to work, the undocumented contribute to our economy when they shop at grocery stores and department stores, purchase vehicles and fuel, when they pay their rent, etc. Does Whittle acknowledge the taxes withheld from their paychecks and the fact that the vast majority do not claim their due return? Whittle writes about how Mexicans use America’s resources and reap the rewards. Consider the undocumented worker that America uses and from whom it reaps rewards.

While being critical of those of us who do not simply say we are proud of our heritage, letter writer Lissa De Groot incorrectly claims that the root of the problem is that we have more pride in being Mexican than American. It amazes me that she somehow thinks it is her place to dictate the manner in which pride and appreciation should be shown. Are immigrant supporters not grateful for the opportunities the USA offers simply because we support individuals who work for the very same opportunities De Groot’s ancestors were given, regardless of the worker’s immigration status? The root of the problem is the ignorance, fear and arrogance of those unready to appreciate the economic and social value of all immigrants.

The issue is not black and white, no matter how you try to make it so. Justice is not blind and neither is opportunity: people who are here, legally and illegally, do not get it handed to them with “a wink and a nod.” They struggle, work and earn it with dignity. The immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed. Instead of promoting division in our country, why not consider the reality of the issue? Undocumented people are part of this economy and this community. When you disparage them you are belittling your student, your classmate and your neighbor.

/s/ Graciela Navarro, Sunnyside


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