Blood drawing

The Ladies Society of the Calvary Lutheran Church and Farmer’s Insurance Group sponsored the American Red Cross blood drawing held on May 2, at the United Methodist Church hall. Karen Kilian was the chairperson.

The quota was 77 units. We had 72 presenters and four first-time donors. Eleven were unable to give, leaving 61 units collected. Because of their generosity, 183 people will have another chance at life.

A special thank you to the Ladies Society for the delicious home-baked cookies, Farmer’s Insurance for its generous donation of cheese, crackers and juice, the United Methodist Church for the use of the hall, Max of Washington Corrugators for displaying the banner at Centennial Square and Bob Story of the Daily Sun News for the publicity.

I would also like to thank the following volunteers: Ella Mae Lochner, Leona Kearney, Phyllis Morris, Chris Reihs, Esther Miles, Joy Eirich, Evy Eirich, Leon Stewart, Daphne Stewart and Sharon Slaight.

A very special thank you to the donors, who are the lifeline for the flow of blood in the valley.

The next blood drawing will be held Tuesday, June 27, at the United Methodist Church hall from 1 to 6 p.m. We hope to see more people turn out for this very important event to give the Gift of Life.

/s/ Marie Handy, Sunnyside blood drawing chairman

Narrow minded

In reference to S.E. Lain’s letter to the editor, “when shopping I was subjected to illegal children running around, throwing products on the floor, screaming and running over me with shopping carts,”—wow, Lain makes a very broad and ignorant assumption.

Her letter to the editor is not only showing our community her ignorance and narrow-mindedness, but shows she has issues about her community.

Ms. Lain, are all your relatives born on American soil? I am pretty sure if you’re not Native American you are a foreigner and if you’re not, then somewhere along the lines of your family tree, they are. My point is this, everyone who migrates to the U.S. is looking for a way of life that can improve their survival…land of opportunity and land of the free.

Our community, whether you like it or not, is more than 80 percent Hispanic. The agriculture that many Hispanics work to put vegetables, fruits and those extra pounds in your belly from McDonald’s and the local watering hole you might visit are served to you by the Hispanic community.

The illegal immigrants are here because Washington is rich in farm land and many Hispanics from Mexico are not unfamiliar with hard work. Now they can have a fighting chance of $5 an hour versus two to three dollars a day. Could Ms. Lain work out in the cherry, apple, grape and asparagus fields for more than 10 hours a day? Most of them might be illegal, nonetheless are contributors to our way of life. I am very thankful to those who suffer from heat exhaustion and malnourishment just to help our economy grow.

Our constitutional right as Americans is to have freedom of speech. Ms. Lain definitely used it. However, maybe next time she decides to voice such a generalization of Mexican students and their families, she might think twice before she speaks. I’m sure she’s heard, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

My grandpa came to the U.S. on a program called the Bracero Program. My Grandpa and Grandma Hernandez have helped pave the way for entrepreneurs, teachers, correctional officers, principals and coaches. He is now 93 and is still a very hard worker. He has been working all his life and still does.

Think about it, S.E. Lain, we are a growing community whether you like it or not.

/s/ Amanda D. Guzman, a proud Sunnyside Hispanic contributor

Letter reeks of ignorance, racism

I am writing in reference to the letter written by S.E. Lain. I was born in Sunnyside, raised in Mabton and now reside in Los Angeles.

Although I do not live in the Yakima Valley any longer, I still keep up on the latest through the Daily Sun News website. S.E. Lain’s letter reeked of ignorance and racism. I am a white American who was totally embarrassed for her and the comments she made.

I don’t think she belongs in a city like Sunnyside, where most of the people doing farm work are Mexican Nationals and Mexican-Americans. Maybe she should go out and cut asparagus and pick apples and cherries. If all the “illegals” are sent back to Mexico, it will have to be people like her who work in the hop fields and other agricultural type jobs. Is she willing to do that?

As for May 1


, my brother’s children who attend Prosser schools are bi-racial—white and Hispanic. They boycotted school for the day. They are not illegal. They are Americans standing up for something they believe in one way or another.

I also can’t believe that it is only illegal children misbehaving in school. Does Ms. Lain think her children do not misbehave at one time or another? If she truly believes that, they have the wool pulled over her eyes. Please, don’t teach your children the ignorance you have seemingly inherited.

Ms. Lain, let your children grow up to be healthy adults who appreciate other races. Living in Los Angeles for the last two years, I have come to appreciate all cultures. Please, do not prohibit them from being culturally diverse.

I wonder if Ms. Lain was raised to believe in the Aryan Nation. I can tell you that Sunnyside is no place for one.

/s/ Beckie Cornwell, Los Angeles, Calif.


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