Safety measures

I am concerned with the lack of yellow center lines and fog lines on two very busy streets in residential Sunnyside. Many mornings or afternoons one can be blinded by the sun or fog on Grandview and Columbia avenues.

As there are no sidewalks, without these important guides for drivers to find the center and edges of the streets, walkers and school children are at great risk of injury, especially kids on their way to and from the school bus.

I find it strange that other less-traveled streets are very well marked. Then why not Grandview and Columbia avenues?

There must be some reason for these lack of safety measures, and I would certainly like to hear the reason.

/s/ Patti Leifeste, Sunnyside

Fall clean-up

An outstanding group of volunteers who support our community came to help do the fall clean-up of the flower beds behind the Central Park guard rails.

Thanks go to those who make a positive difference in our community: Pat Kezele, Taylor Gardner, Vanessa Van Boven, Brittany Amaro, Cassie Herndon, Diana Mendoza, Anthony Aguilar, Jason Aguilar, Alex Aguilar, John Michael Aguilar, Bengie Aguilar, Terri Alvarez-Ziegler, Bob Sarmiento Sr., Ray Fujiura, Melba Fujiura, Julia Hart, Don Outhet and Beverly Duncan.

/s/ Carol Stone, Sunnyside

Vote Republican

As one who does pay attention to politics consistently and not just the three weeks before an election, I have several concerns about the issues and candidates.

If you are one who only listens to campaign sound bites and shenanigans, please beware. The Foley ploy is such a blatantly obvious “political dirty trick” I can’t believe people would fall for it. This election is about more important issues and NOT about deviant people and text messages. I can’t believe Candidate Wright would try to gain favor from it.

The people of this state and this country need the House of Representatives to stay under Republican control. Why? Because of the damage Nancy Pelosi (probable Democratic leadership) would do if in the majority. Have you liked low interest rates, low unemployment, low inflation, low taxes? Say good-bye to it if the Democrats take control. Have you enjoyed some sense of national security—no attacks, improved borders—you can’t be sure with Democrats in control.

I have corresponded with Maria Cantwell periodically since her election six years ago (I remind you, she won by a slim margin, like our last gubernatorial election, before the voter rolls were purged of the dead and felons). Every response I have received from Sen. Cantwell has been strictly the Democratic Party line…i.e. in May 2001 she was against tax relief; in 2003 she replied strongly for homosexuals and for partial birth abortion; in 2005 she wrote against the proposal to save some of my Social Security withholding for myself or my family; and in 2006 she opposed legislation to prohibit the desecration of the flag. I have found Cantwell to be ineffective as a senator and encourage voters to vote for Mike McGavick.

Judgeships at the national and state levels deserve our attention. This is another reason to keep the U.S. Senate in the hands of the Republicans. On the state level, I am personally against Susan Owens because I am part of that “vicious special interest group” her ads refer to. But what I know is it is hard to learn about judges, so I will refer voters to

, which has case reviews by issue and jurist ratings.

/s/ Deon Herndon, Sunnyside


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