"Oh noooooooo. Of course the door won't fall off," my boyfriend says, rolling his eyes at my paranoia.

Says one of my older and very dear friends, also a male, "No, no. You're fine. Don't worry hunny, your car door won't just fall off, it takes a lot for that to happen."

Funny how the aforementioned 'a lot' came my way in a dark parking lot.

Also funny is the wisest response from a man that I got when I said, "This thingy on what I guess is my car door hinge keeps making a loud THUNK when I open my door," came from my Daddy, who thoughtfully responded: "Hmmmm."

So there I was, just on time to attend a gang forum, getting out of my car, when I heard a softer thunk and noticed that my door had slipped a little bit. I'm no rocket scientist, but I thought, "Well hey, I'll just pick it up and put it back on track and starting getting in and out by the passenger door."

I grabbed the door, lifted up, and the door gave loose.

Very much convinced that 'this can't be good,' I let go.

The door then hung more than half-off.

I did what any mechanically challenged woman would do in said situation.

I yelped for help.

Thankfully, I was at Grandview Middle School and the school's maintenance person (a.k.a. my hero) came to my rescue.

He said it shouldn't be too much of a problem, he'd pick the door up, get it on there and, I could get in and out on the passenger side until I got it fixed.

Shouldn't was the key word. Didn't happen. The door's too broken.

I had the good sense to ask, "Now what?"

He scratched his head, thought about it, ('hmmmmm') and then did something brilliant.

He used a bungy-cord to connect it to my back passenger door.

"That should get you home," he said, reassuringly. Sort of.

At this point, I'm nervous about shoulds and shouldn'ts, not-gonna-happens, won'ts and hmmmmms. So, again, I did what any mechanically challenged woman would do.

Very much the aiming-for-composure me, I called (did not yelp) the Grandview Police Dept. for an escort home.

I know, I know, I 'shouldn't' have worried that a bump or curve would completely unhinge my hero's gerry-rigging job, thereby sending me rolling down the roadway. But I did.

And Sgt. Kal Fuller, after getting a good chuckle out of my predicament, was kind enough to follow me home.


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