Gross Point Blank

Bright like sunshine

Watching my aunt fall in love is almost as fun as falling in love myself. Almost.

What's more, I actually like the guy.

My first clue came when she returned from a visit to Idaho and I called her. During the course of the pleasantries exchanged and the small chat that followed, my aunt giggled.

The next time I talked to her, I could actually hear the smile in her voice. And before she handed the phone to my mother, she giggled. Again.

I just knew something was up.

"Psssst....Mom? What's up with Auntie Beau?"

Mom confirmed that, indeed, my aunt had met someone.

It's been years, literally, since my aunt was in a relationship or dated.

It's not that she isn't beautiful--she's got dark hair and brilliant blue eyes. In a word, she's gorgeous.

Nope. What held her back was herself. If the subject of her dating came up, you'd hear, "Not me, nuh-huh, no-way, no-how, no-nothing!" And it's not that her tone would be particularly vehement. Just stubborn.

Very, very stubborn.

Now, my aunt's got a little kick in her step, a little color in her cheeks. Is it what you call a little hitch in her git' along?

The next hurdle in tracking my aunt's newfound love was meeting the guy. I am a harsh critic. Horribly harsh critic, extremely unfair, entirely too protective.

So. Here he comes, from Idaho for a surprise visit and I just happened to be visiting at the same time.

First of all, his name is Jerry. Second of all, he's got some weird accent that I have to lean forward, brow furrowed while interpreting almost every word that comes out of his mouth. Couple this with the fact that he talks extremely fast and you understand that you have to follow what he says very closely, so as not to get lost.

It didn't take but an hour of conversation to realize that I approve. He's very upbeat, very uplifting, thoughtful and observant (OK, it took more than hour to figure some of those things out). On a return visit, he brought my Mom two tiny glass chickens. Mom collects chicken this and thats.

I like the way Jerry looks at my Aunt Beau.

Most importantly, I like the way she looks at him, the smile on her face after she talks to him and the gleam in her eye when she's knows he's about to call.

I finally told her the other day, "Hey, I really like your guy. He's bright like sunshine."

Once again, she giggled.


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