‘English only’ argument can’t

be taken seriously

This letter is in response to Sara Lain’s “English only” letter to the editor (9-8-06). Airing frustrations about a few documents in a foreign language (very clever) will not do anybody any good. But she has every right to be frustrated; I am sure she and the teacher came to a reasonable solution.

The “English only” argument shows such disgust towards diversity, unsophisticated stereotypes towards other cultures and is so deprived of factual evidence that it’s hard to take seriously.

Here is a fact that might put you at ease: immigrants to the U.S. have lost their native languages by third generation, and demographic data shows that the shift to English as the usual language is steadily increasing. Maybe this is why when people who speak in a foreign language around here provide cheap labor, nobody is “upset” that they don’t speak English.

Let’s be real here. People are inclined to learn English. If you don’t know any English, you are almost always limited to blue-collar jobs, you have to rely on intermediaries for all your interactions with the world around you, you are essentially helpless outside your immigrant community and you are a tempting target for all kinds of scams and needless middlemen who will use your ignorance of the language against you. (By the way, how many payday loan advance businesses are there in Sunnyside?)

Those who think bilingual education is a bad thing are missing the point. The goal is to make everyone smarter people/consumers/workers.

God forbid we level the economic and educational playing field for everyone. What’s next? More social equality? Exchanging fears and one-sided views with knowledge and acceptance?

/s/ Kacey L. Amador, Sunnyside

Sunnyside offers quality hospital

What a great experience my husband and I had at Sunnyside Community Hospital.

Yes, both of us were lucky enough to have surgeries this year! From excellent health care from the doctors and nurses to the great food in the cafeteria, all were exceptional.

It was especially great to have a private room. When my husband was in surgery, I was allowed to stay right in his room and wait for him to come out of recovery. What a soothing environment to wait out nervous moments, with a TV and comfortable chair and a room all to myself to wait.

We have had care at Virginia Mason and Kadlec hospitals, and our best experience was at our Sunnyside Community Hospital.

What a great opportunity it is to have such a quality hospital in Sunnyside.

/s/ Theresa and Loran Hancock, Sunnyside

Vote for Elliot

The past few years have shown us Yakima County needs leadership that has private business ownership experience. We need leaders that understand the purpose of county government is to serve those that create their funding, just like private businesses must do in order to stay in business.

Over the past few months it has been my pleasure to get to know Rand Elliot. Rand has shown me that he has the experience and desire to help Yakima County become more customer (tax payers) friendly, and that county employees and consultants should be held accountable for their actions if they cost the tax payers thousands or millions of lost tax dollars or unfairly hold up business and development progress.

Rand has over 25 years experience managing budgets and employees to provide excellent service for his clients. I am confident that Rand Elliot will support the concerns and issues of his entire district within Yakima County.

Most importantly, I hope that people vote once they have gathered the information needed to make an informed decision. It is my understanding that in the last county election less than 60 percent of eligible voters actually voted. Keep in mind how many countries around the world people die for the opportunities that we have. Do not take them for granted!

/s/ Jeff Barrom, Sunnyside


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