Cutting to the Core

Wall on southern border unnecessary

Some people propose building a wall along the United States' southern border. It's an idea that's gained momentum during the last year.

To some, the idea of a wall is a solution to the illegal alien problem. Others argue a wall will make us safer during these uncertain times as the War on Terror enters its sixth year.

I say to that, "Are you kidding me?"

A wall? People actually think a wall is going to make us safer? Do they really think it will keep illegal aliens out of this country? Will it be harder to smuggle drugs into the United States if there is a wall along our southern border?

No, it won't.

I think the reason drugs flood across our borders, as do illegal aliens, is because the powers that be don't really care.

Illegal immigration is a great election year topic and it's also a great way to get people's minds off the war in Iraq, but tell me who is really serious about it.

A wall? Come on. What's that going to stop?

The next time you run into an ex-convict, ask the person if drugs were available where they were incarcerated at. Nine times out of 10 the answer will be yes.

If the government can't keep drugs out of a secure environment like a prison, how are they going to keep drugs out with a wall?

It's the same with illegal aliens. Do we think they cannot tunnel under? How many holes will be blown in this wall so the flood of aliens can continue?

A wall is just unnecessary. If we want to stop illegals from coming over our border, all we have to do is do it.

Instead, our border patrol is under-staffed and under-funded. That alone should tell most people the powers that be aren't concerned with the problem.

Why isn't there border patrol stations every 50 miles along the border? Why aren't there border patrol sub-stations every 25 miles along the border?

With our technology we could string devices along the border where the border patrol agent could then see and hear what's going on within his sector. It's simple and it's easy, it just requires money.

The United States has the money. The United States could stop all illegal trafficking if the government deemed it important.

Why don't they? I believe it's money.

People might not want to admit it but illegal drugs and illegal immigration injects tons of money into our economy.

Why isn't there a drug dog sniffing every single car or truck that crosses our border? Is dog food that expensive? There are more than enough dogs in the United States. Take a walk through an animal shelter some time. It's a joke how our borders are defended against drugs.

Let's take marijuana for example. Every year a story appears in the media how the border patrol in Blaine, Wash. had a record haul of drug seizures coming from Canada that year.

It's a record. Every one is happy. But then the question is always asked and the border patrol always answers honestly.

How much pot made it through?

That record haul of Canadian marijuana seized is only a fraction of what actually made it across. They celebrate the record number of drugs seized but fail to see the bigger picture that the operation was a failure.

Let's be nice to the border patrol and say they catch 20 percent of the drugs coming in from Canada.

Would you be happy with your pizza delivery guy if he only made it to your house 20 percent of the time? Would you be happy if your daily newspaper was only delivered 20 percent of the time? How about if your employer only paid you 20 percent of the time, would that be acceptable?

No, it wouldn't.

Like I said, we have the technology to see and hear every square inch of the border. Read the book Killing Pablo if you don't believe me. If we had sub-stations every 25 miles along the border then we could respond to every single incident.

If manpower is a problem then the government needs to hire more people. If money is low, fill up the darn coffers.

This isn't a Republican or Democrat issue. Both sides have done absolutely nothing for years.

Personally, I believe it's a problem our government doesn't want to fix, but if they do, a wall isn't the answer.

Money, boots on the ground and a deep resolve will solve this.


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