Jennie's Journey

A weight has been lifted from me

The revelation that I am now two pant sizes smaller than just a few months ago came as a pleasant surprise.

I am not one to step on a scale very often. I have shied away from that thing many women despise because I despised it after my last visit to a physician.

The scale said 137 pounds, and I was dismayed on that particular visit. The numbers were higher than when I was pregnant, and I couldn't understand why.

I eat healthy. I eat mostly chicken at lunch, and I love salads. I try to stay away from the heavy fried foods since they just do not make me feel right with the world.

But, the numbers weren't lying and I knew it. My pant size was the biggest I had ever had. I am five feet nothing, and I was almost 30 pounds heavier than my "optimal" weight.

Did I go on a diet? No. I was already on what many would consider a diet.

I decided to continue eating healthy and take care of my family. I had no motivation to really change anything about my weight. I realized I was getting older, and I wasn't obese. So, if this was my "mom" figure ... So be it!

Well ... the past couple of months, I had noticed my slacks and any bottoms I owned in that largest size were feeling a little loose. But, pants come in different cuts and styles. I kept shrugging it off as just that.

A light went off inside this head of mine one day. I realized ALL of those slacks and bottoms were a little loose. I decided to purchase something a size smaller.

That item of clothing still "floated" on me. I was surprised. I was so excited, I announced to my friends whom I was having lunch with on that day, that I would try on some pre-second child pants that I hadn't had the heart to discard.

I went home that evening and immediately discovered the aforementioned pants fit me. I paraded them in front of my husband, who had been more bothered by my larger size than I. "Look! I wore these before I had our daughter!"

His response, being consumed with what he was doing, was less than encouraging. But, he made up for it five days later by finally observing that the pounds had truly come off.

I haven't yet stepped on a scale to see exactly how many pounds have been shed. I don't know when I will. I am just happy to have the opportunity to sport new (smaller) digs.

What is the secret to this weight coming off? I can only attribute it to the getting out and about in my role as a reporter.

I used to sit at a computer most of the day. I loved my job. I enjoyed what I did in my former position. Unfortunately, the seat loved me enough to bless me with those unwanted pounds.

I am moving more and finding there are many wonderful, unexpected perks to my newfound career.


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