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Paying for others

Why are school officials so amazed that their school bonds are failing. Could it be that we don't think we are getting much for the money spent, or could it be that we are carrying more and more of a financial burden and we seem to have no recourse?

We have no one to defend or protect us. We are just trying to survive.

There should be a basic tuition charge for each student that is receiving all of these free benefits (breakfast, lunch, school buses running everywhere, plus many more benefits).

It has changed from you only have the number of children you can afford, to everyone else paying people to raise, educate and provide medical care for their children. Every country in the world that is over-populated is poor.

We now have several generations of welfare recipients, which only proves it doesn't work. People who are rewarded for not being productive not only do not appreciate, they demand more.

We have elderly who are being taxed out of their homes, cannot afford proper medical care and have never asked for anything. They have worked and sacrificed to have some savings, only to have to pay for everything.

If you are non-productive or illegal, the government will take care of you. If you are in jail or prison, they will take extra good care of you. You will have all kinds of rights. When I see people being sentenced in court and they are smiling and waving, I am thinking there is something wrong with this picture.

Since we seem to like to outsource everything, why don't we build a prison in Mexico, after first checking on water rights. Let's have them build it and run it. Then people may not be so excited to go to jail, as no one wants to go to jail in Mexico.

/s/ Don Young, Sunnyside

Hospital care

The family of Charles Faulk would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Jon Smiley and his staff. Our father was admitted to Sunnyside Community Hospital on Sunday, March 4, in a very grave condition. From the minute we arrived at the emergency room to this moment, his care has been exemplary.

Dr. Jones and the staff in ER did an outstanding job of determining Dad's problem and setting into motion an aggressive treatment program.

The 'patient advocates' are outstanding. In our book, the entire team is simply the best. The care, understanding and frankly the love and determination was not only heart warming, but we believe most beneficial in helping in the recovery process.

Your R/T department was also "on top of their game." They were determined to get Dad the help he needed. Your food service program needs recognition as well. I have owned restaurants, so we understand the work involved in getting a quality product to the customer. This department also deserves high marks and praise.

One of the most impressive and assuring moments came as we were walking down a hall. As we met individual staff members they each said "hello" or "how are you?" While this may seem like a small thing, it makes a very positive impression and helps lift the spirits for everyone that experiences the positive communication.

To Carol, Debbie, Monica, Lynn, Cathy and all the other staff members, please accept this thank-you for using the gift God has given you. The world is a better place because of your efforts and genuine love for people.

With the warmest regards, from the family and friends of Charles Faulk.

/s/ Edward L. Faulk

State budget

What the...?

All Washingtonians were more than concerned when we heard we had been over-taxed to the tune of 2 billion dollars. We assumed our elected representatives could see where that would lead our state.

Tax reform? Nope.

Fiscal responsibility? Nope.

A new tax policy has sprung forth, one that will quickly deal with this nasty little 2 billion dollar problem. In Olympia, Gov. Gregoire's proposed budget would completely drain a record $2 billion state surplus. Her massive spending binge would swell state government by $8.2 billion over her four years in office, a 33 percent increase.

That's a larger increase than former Gov. Locke managed during his entire eight years as governor.

Go Dems!

/s/ K.D. Ledgerwood, Prosser


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