Cutting to the core

Piper Cub's up and walking

Thirteen months isn't too bad. That's how long it took my daughter Piper to learn how to walk. She's now 14 months old and she's getting around quite nicely.

I didn't know if I should dread the moment she started walking. I had heard from a lot of people, "Just wait until she starts walking, then you'll be in for it."

One month into it might be too early to call but I think we'll be OK. Piper is actually a pretty good little girl.

She started crawling when she was six months old and could creep around things before she was seven months old. I thought she'd be walking long before 13 months but she just bided her time.

When she started crawling we moved everything up a few feet off the ground so Piper couldn't cause much trouble. I thought for sure we'd have to move everything up even farther when she started walking but we haven't so far. The only thing that's really different is that now she can walk upright instead of crawl.

Before she would crawl up to something and then stand up, now she just walks to where she wants to go.

It's funny to watch her follow me or Tanya around the house. Sometimes she'll just walk around and around the living room with a piece of toast in her hands, munching along as she becomes a better walker.

She could always reach the buttons to the TV so there isn't anything we can do about that except tell her no when she starts pushing buttons.

She'll either laugh at us or completely ignore us, depending on her mood.

Piper is learning the word no but so far hasn't quite grasped its concept like she did with crawling or walking. She likes to bang on our living room windows now that the winter plastic is off. We'll tell her no but she won't listen, but it's a different story with the strings to the blinds covering the windows. When she pulls on them and we say no she will stop. We haven't figured this one out yet.

She's a constant talker and likes to point at everything and ask questions. I don't know if she's actually asking a question but it sounds like she is with her intonation.

There is a difference between the blah, blah, blahs!, the blah, blah, blahs., and the blah, blah, blahs?. It's all in how she uses her voice.

She still loves animals. Any kind will do. A bird in the yard will get her undivided attention but a dog is by far her favorite. She just giggles and watches them. I think she might want one and I know Tanya does but I think we're going to wait just a bit longer for a dog.

So the Piper Cub is finally walking. When she smiles you see teeth now instead of gums. She's practically a little lady now.

I know we'll have to watch her even more carefully when we're outside but I don't think that will be a problem. It's nice to know I didn't need to fear her latest feat that she performs with her feet. A little joke there.


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