Cutting to the Core

Who's that fat guy in the corner?

Last weekend was my 20th high school reunion. It's only fitting it was held during hydro race weekend due to the fact the Pasco High School class of 1987 seemed to love going to the Water Follies. Of course, the boat races were quite a bit different back then, not as family friendly as they are now.

I missed my 10th year reunion, I can't remember exactly why. For my 20th, I was excited to see a lot of my old friends but a little nervous too. Again, I don't know why.

I thought maybe somebody with a 20-year grudge might come up and smack me. I didn't want to get knocked out by a girl.

But it wasn't like that at all. I was pleasantly surprised at how cool everyone was. Even people I didn't know very well or people I wasn't on the best of terms with were friendly. It was nice to see people so relaxed.

I kept looking for that one person who changed the most. The person who gained the most weight or lost the most hair. I kept looking and looking and I found it interesting that everyone looked so good.

The people who looked good in high school still looked good. The people who I thought didn't look that good in high school changed for the better.

I think nothing has changed except the older a guy gets, the more mature he gets, and then he is able to look past all the garbage that blocked a person's beauty in high school.

After I couldn't find that one person that really let themselves go I finally realized it was me. I was the one who had let themselves go. How curious, I thought.

Another little fun fact about the lives of high school classmates 20 years later are the several, UMMM, what's the best word for this, augmentations I noticed. Not complaining mind you, I just noticed more than a few and let me be the first to say, "Well done ladies."

I only went to the social at Jacksons Sports Bar in Richland and didn't attend the Saturday activities. Truth be told, I tipped a few too many drinks that night and didn't really feel up to Saturday's get-together.

I brought my wife and child, which apparently was a no-no at this gathering. I thought it would be OK but no one else brought their spouses.

I guess I'll know better next time. Piper wanted to walk around everywhere so Tanya had to watch her and she ended up spending time walking around the park and then eventually waiting for me in the car. I feel bad about that and have apologized several times but I still can't help but think I didn't ask her to wait in the car. Piper was allowed in Jacksons and I would have been willing to take my turn with Piper.

Truth be told, I was socializing pretty heavily that night and seeing all those faces I haven't thought about for the last 20 years was just too much. I wasn't even thinking about my wife and kid after a while.

So sorry Tanya and Piper, I'll make sure things are different next time.

And to all my former classmates, some of them who live in the Lower Valley, it was great to see you again. I look forward to doing it all over again, with the exception, maybe, of hoisting too many drinks.


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