Gross Point Blank

Save the trees

Tuesday marked the first day of school for my seventh grader and along with that came a ton of paperwork.

It's an interesting transition from a leisurely summer to what I know lies ahead and what's already begun.

He came home Tuesday with papers from each and every teacher that I had to sign. Rules, rules, more rules and then lots and lots of consequences outlined in black and white.

While he was off in the shower I tried to organize the various papers, a comedy of errors on my part.

I tried, with due diligence, to read each and every rule and memorize each and every step of consequences leading right up to a trip to the principal's office.

He found me muttering, in a daze, with three piles of papers surrounding me on the living room floor.

"What are you doing?"

"Paperwork. That pile right there," I said, pointing, "is the signed pile. Cram it in your backpack."

"Um, mom. This pile is unsigned."

I pointed to another pile, "That pile right there, cram it in your backpack."

"Um, mom, this pile is for band class."

Cheerfully I smiled and pointed at the last pile, "Look! We found them!"

At this point, Dennis admitted his confusion. Some were signed, others were not. He wasn't sure what went where, as I'd managed to get everything woefully out of order.

In the midst of all this, all seven or-so teachers were kind enough to include a list of supplies needed for that particular class.

Somewhere off to my left I just know I'd been making a list of what is left to purchase. Somehow, though, this got lost in the shuffle.

Each night, I have to check his agenda for homework, then inspect the homework, which, of course, is written on paper.

Today, I am expecting even more papers, papers about allergies, internet permission papers, field trip permission papers. You name it, the school district's got a paper for it.

I'd rather just buy a rubber stamp with my signature on it. In the meantime, each time I visit that school I'm going to wear a t-shirt that reads, "Save the Trees!"


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