Vote ‘YES’

on school bond

When I read the letter from Sarah Gonzalez (2-14-07) about voting “no” for the Sunnyside school bond, I was very disappointed. It seems to me that Ms. Gonzalez has either been misinformed or has failed to ask questions about the bond and what it will be used for.

Yes, it appears a large portion of the money will be used to update the football field and surrounding areas, but the auditorium will also be receiving more than a new curtain. The auditorium would be receiving a state of the art sound system, as well as lighting. When I called the district office to confirm my own understanding of the bond, I was told that roughly the same amount of money will be spent on the bleachers as will be spent in the auditorium. The remainder of the bond will be used for new bathrooms and concession stand. In addition, more parking will be created and the track will be resurfaced.

Clem Senn Field is in dire need. It is not just the athletic programs that are affected. Where will parents sit to attend graduation? What about the various car and truck shows that are held there? Don’t forget our students attend assemblies outside in the bleachers.

These bleachers are unsafe. It isn’t a matter of wanting everything to be new and pretty. It is an issue of safety.

The resurfacing of the track will benefit those in the community who use it for exercise



with our students.

I understand that many wonder why the bond money is not used in the classrooms. Our classrooms have what they need and the monies that supply the classrooms come from many other sources.

As a parent of two children in the


School District

and as an employee of the district, I hope that the citizens of Sunnyside will vote “YES” on March 13.

/s/ Stephanie Parsons, Sunnyside

Property rights?

As a citizen, a taxpayer and a landowner, what rights if any do I have left? That is my question.

Have you had to deal with either your local government or the county regarding the taking of your property? If not, consider yourself lucky.

Why should a city or county summarily decide something that affects your property, and you have no say? And, to add insult to injury, it is done in a gestapo type way.

At first you cannot believe, and then you find that to add insult to injury you have no rights. Therefore, do not criticize those of us who try to fight for our rights, which someday may be against you.

We have had this personal experience with



. We purchased four acres of garbage and Russian Olives, which I immediately began removing. Seven months later we receive a cease and


order from



, because they say I have destroyed wetland, which includes a $1,000 a day fine. It is not on the deed, it is summarily decided by staff that I must fence off two acres and cannot use it. I know it is not a


however it is up to me to prove that at my own expense.

At the same time the tax assessor increased my property assessment $24,500, even though I could not use the two acres. Their statement—we could care less. I did not appreciate their attitude or their gestapo tactics.

I therefore have to hire an attorney, a land specialist, etc. Even if I can prove them wrong, it will all come out of my pocket.

Which is why I can relate to Mr. Paul and his fight with Sunnyside City Manager Bob Stockwell.

I do not know Mr. Paul personally, however I know that he has been a resident and contractor here for many years, and because he now lives in Prosser should have no bearing on his property fight.

I could not believe that the voters turned down Initiative 933, which would have given the property owner some rights for a taking of his property. The government would have had to not only justify the


they would have also had to compensate the landowner.

I personally feel that the landowners should have a resource that is available to us at a reasonable cost, or even funded by whatever government agency. Or, wouldn’t it be nice to have a group of attorneys offer this as a public service, to assist in a reasonable and common sense solution?

Property owners need a place to pool and compare our defense, as the government has unlimited resources—our taxes. If anyone has any ideas call me at 837-3116.

/s/ Don Young, Sunnyside


by elected officials

This letter is in response to comments in the newspaper concerning a “problem” in Sunnyside over certain members of the community not being properly represented by elected officials.

During the 20-odd years that I spent in the military defending the Constitution of this country, one of the tours of duty was Washington D.C., at which time there were a lot of words being spoken about the black population not being represented by the city administration in which they lived. Things like no heat in the projects in the winter and no air conditioning in the summer, potholes large enough to

swallow busses…that was

some of the platform a potential black candidate by the name of


said he would correct if given the chance to be mayor of



He won the vote and that’s about all he did. The same problems existed, but the smart citizens who could,


to the suburbs. Those who couldn’t


to live with Mayor


and his city hall.

According to what I have read, Sunnyside is a small city of approximately 15,000 life forms, and herein


the problem.

Of those 15,000 or so that claim Sunnyside as their home, regardless of who is running for office, what their platform is or what else is on the agenda, only about 3,000 citizens actually vote in any of the elections. Those 3,000 people, roughly 25 percent of the total, decide what the other 75 percent will be doing until the next election.

Pure and simple.

To vote in this country you must be a legal resident over the age of 18 and you must not be under the supervision of the law enforcement community due to a serious crime. If you are legal, are 18, then you must register to vote and you must vote regularly, otherwise your name is taken off the rolls.

What this tells me is that 75 percent of the

population are

either underage, illegal, felons or


citizens that are too dumb or lazy to vote. And if that is the case, it is their problem, not mine. I will continue to vote.

To hold office you must live in the area you wish to represent, be a legal resident and of legal age. You should not have too many skeletons in the closest and be of good moral character. Then you hope that there are enough of those within the district you wish to represent who feel the same way and will vote. That is the key word, “vote” you into the position.

But don’t be surprised that your elected official that you voted for, suddenly changes horses in mid-stream and doesn’t want anything to do with the platform they ran on.

Ah, the American political system…and you are back to square one.

/s/ James B. Krueger, Sunnyside


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