I confess, I have a big mouth

Okay, so some people already know this but there are some who don't. I have a way of gabbing. It happens to be a fact of which I am not entirely proud. There are people who commonly refer to this condition as "diarrhea of the mouth."

Usually, the condition takes form when I am either nervous or excited about something. New people and/or surroundings affect me in that I become over-eager to impress and end up becoming a fool. The Bible even says babbling is a foolish thing to do. I don't know why exactly this trait has been such a struggle to overcome.

This past Saturday, my husband and I were given the opportunity to go out. It was just the two of us. This is a rare occasion because not everyone wishes to offer us such opportunities. But, a friend said to me, "I want to give you and your hubby some time for each other. I will watch your kids so you two can have a night for just the two of you."

This was an out-of-the-blue offer and we could not help but take my friend up on it.

We didn't really make plans for Saturday. We just decided at the last minute to go to dinner. My husband said he wanted it to be a romantic setting. So, I suggested a setting that I thought would be great for us. It is a restaurant with excellent food and I knew we would both enjoy the atmosphere.

My husband had never been to this particular restaurant and was a little "gun shy" about going somewhere he was not familiar, however it worked out wonderfully. He was extremely pleased with the food he ordered.

Since we were the last customers of the evening, we took our time (as suggested by the staff). My husband finished his wine while striking up a conversation with someone at the restaurant about the quality of his food.

I joined in the conversation. Here is where my folly takes place.

I should correct myself in the "joined in the conversation." I actually took over, I think. I inserted my thoughts and ran with it. I explained how wonderful I thought my food had been and began telling the person about how the evening was so rare for Mike and myself. I rambled about our lives and when the other person tried to share a little about his family ... Let's just say I forgot to stop and listen. I allowed a sentence or two and would interrupt with a similar story or thought. The poor man must have been beside himself in that my mouth would not stop moving.

I am sure the impression I leave in circumstances such as this is not good. I apologize to this person because I am sure he remembers my ramblings.

Fortunately, I have been trying very hard not to practice this awful habit when I am working. I will continue to try and practice more restraint when I am not working. But, I can't promise not to be a fool in every circumstance. I can only hope those who are victim to my overzealous, ever running mouth will be able to overlook this shortcoming.


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