Let's hope Bush isn't too late

Was the liberal media right? For months we've been hearing how bad things are in Iraq, except if you watch or read Fox News' goose-stepping propaganda, and Wednesday night Bush finally admitted it.

Good for him. It's time we get a handle on the situation over there and I think the new ideas he suggested have a good chance of working. I just hope it's not too late.

I don't hate Bush, although I think he hasn't done a good job with the War on Terror. I realize I might sound like a Democrat, but I'm not. And, I am most certainly not a Republican, although I identify with the core values of the party. Not the Bible-thumping conservative values some Republicans want to ram down our throats, like that kook Pat Robertson. Why anyone takes him or his money making scam, AKA the 700 Club, seriously is beyond me.

But anyway, I don't bash Bush because I'm some Democrat, I bash Bush because I honestly think this whole mess in Iraq was a big mistake from day one. My concern IS the troops. Following Bush blindly and then throwing a magnet on your car claiming you 'support our troops' doesn't impress me.

To me, supporting our troops means learning what they are facing and trying to understand the situation they are in.

And the situation they are in isn't good.

But, that might change with the new direction Bush is going in.

First, the increase in troop numbers is a great idea. Yes, I don't think we should have ever been there in the first place but since we are there let's do this thing right. More troops on the ground will result in higher casualties but that's what is going to have to happen in order for the United States to make Iraq a secure place. Our troops will die, we need to realize that, but the sooner we secure Iraq the sooner our troops will stop dying over there. I wish Bush would have increased troop levels sooner, a lot sooner, but better late than never. I would also like to see more than the approximate 22,000 sent. The more boots on the ground, the sooner the job will be done.

Unfortunately, the Democrats might fight him on this, which just blows me away. They should have been fighting Bush on this in March of 2003. Now that we are hip deep in the Iraqi mud, we need the additional troops to pull us out. Why the Democrats can't see this is beyond me but I believe politics is at play here.

What really impressed me is Bush's plan for our troops to be embedded with the Iraqi troops and to have them actually live in the neighborhoods they patrol.

Excellent idea, a no-brainer. This is something that should of been employed back in Vietnam. Why secure an area in the day but let the insurgents/terrorists control it by night. Sure it's good to share but not in this situation.

I know when I was a teenager if my parents were gone for the night I usually did something I wasn't supposed to do. If they were home I walked a straight line. I expect to see a dramatic improvement in the situation when this tactic is implemented.

Directly confronting Iran and Syria for letting foreign fighters use their soil to infiltrate Iraq is another good idea but once again, it should have been done sooner. I truly believe Syria and Iran have done more to spread terrorism than Saddam ever did. Why we aren't in those countries surprises me. Sure, it would create a mess but did anyone ever think the War on Terror wouldn't? It's going to be messy.

If Syria and Iran refuse to cooperate, I think we should start taking out some of their infrastructure. They might sing a different tune if that's done. They might not but at least we'd be doing something about the problem, unlike we have been.

Finally, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's declaration to Muqtada al-Sadr that he must disarm his Mahdi Army or face an all out assault by Iraqi forces backed by U.S. troops could be the final piece to the puzzle.

Why this terrorist has been able to keep a fully armed army again boggles my mind. Of course, al-Sadr and his Mahdi army have only grown stronger since the last two confrontations they fought with U.S. troops but it needs to be done and the sooner the better.

I applaud Bush for his speech Wednesday night. If his plan is implemented and done right I believe we can exorcise ourselves from Iraq and get on to fighting the real War on Terror, finding Osama Bin Laden and destroying his Al Qaeda network, and keeping Iran and North Korea in check.

I just hope we didn't wait too long.


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