Warm reception gratifying

Okay, I haven't been a reporter for very long. However, I am enjoying it immensely.

Thus far, the change from designing ads for the Daily Sun News has been a good change for me. I was quite fearful of this new endeavor.

Yes, I have had a lot of experience writing. I didn't, however, hold any journalism experience. This was my fear.

There are vast differences from writing creative and essay writing to journalism. There are some similarities. And, the similarities were what I was most confident about.

My first week as a reporter, I was assigned two feature stories. The first story, I attended a luncheon in Yakima. At the luncheon, I was quite nervous about reporting the event accurately. I received a very warm reception from the American Lung Association members who were hosting the luncheon. They welcomed me, made certain I had a comfortable spot within the crowd and offered to help me with any information I needed for my story. Afterward, they asked me to please contact them if there were any questions that I might have in writing my story. Their hospitality helped me ease into my new role a little more.

My second feature involved interviewing a mom who is not in the workforce. I needed to find a "Stay-at-home Mom." Hmmm! I have my contacts within the community and with the help of someone I know, I was able to interview a mother with whom I was already aquainted.

The mom I interviewed knew reporting was new for me. She was friendly and warm. She was open to my questions and provided answers willingly. Once again, I had a wonderful experience.

The first week was filled with assignments. Everywhere I went, I was received with open arms and cheerful faces.

Nothing has changed as I settle into my newest occupational role. Community members are familiar with many members of the staff at the Daily Sun News. When I introduce myself, I receive a firm handshake and what feels like a very warm welcome.

I have to say, I am slowly feeling more at ease as I venture out into the community and become better aquainted with many people whom I have not met until now. And, I only have those members of the community to thank for this becoming a journey which I feel more confident about by the day.


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