Cutting to the core

Thank you Mr. Carrier, the father of cool

Willis Haviland Carrier was a genius. A man ahead of his time and his legacy has left us with something that has greatly improved our way of living since the 1800s.

Don't know who Carrier is?

He is considered the 'father of air conditioning' and he was awarded a patent for an 'Apparatus for Treating Air' in 1906.

According to, Carrier disclosed his basic Rational Psychrometric Formula to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The formula is still considered as the basis in all fundamental calculations for the air conditioning industry.

Apparently Carrier received his flash of genius while waiting for a train one foggy night. Going over the problem of temperature and humidity control, Carrier had an understanding of the relationship between temperature, humidity and dew point. states industries flourished with this new found ability to control the temperature and humidity levels. Film, tobacco, processed meats, medical capsules, textiles and other products acquired significant improvements in quality with air conditioning.

Cooling for human comfort began in 1924 when a department store in Detroit started using centrifugal refrigeration machines patented by Carrier in 1921.

In 1928 the first residential 'Weathermaker', an air conditioner for residential private home use, was introduced by Carrier and the rest is history. Why am I telling you all this?

Because last Friday my landlord installed air conditioning in our house. We already had central heat but for some reason air conditioning wasn't installed with it.

Oh what a lifesaver it has been. Especially over the last few days. My house stays at a constant 76 degrees but I'm going to raise that to 78 degrees. Seventy-six is just too cold.

I can't believe the difference. I actually want to go home now. Last summer was brutal. Right now it's 105 degrees and I shudder to think what life would be like without air conditioning. How did my family and I survive last year?

I remember the sleepless nights of last summer. The tossing and turning and sweating. If we opened a window then the mosquitoes and knats would find a way through the screens and eat us alive. Those horrors seem so long ago.

So thank you oh Father of Cool, I will drink a cold beer in my cold house tonight in your memory.


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