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Wine tasting and driving don't mix

Last Wednesday Joni and I finally got around to checking out the new farmer's market at the Mini Mall in Sunnyside. It's only a few blocks from the Daily Sun office and it's nice to have the pick of farm fresh vegetables.

We loved the corn and green beans we purchased there. It reminded me on a small scale of the outdoor fruit and vegetable stands or "piac" that dot every neighborhood in Budapest.

We used to frequent them often when we lived there. Since moving to the Lower Valley we have wanted to visit the farmer's market in Prosser, but something or another would always keep us from getting down there on Saturday morning.

So it's nice to have a market right here in Sunnyside.

Actually, if a person wanted to they could have fresh produce all week, shopping at the Sunnyside "piac" on Wednesday and the one in Prosser on Saturday.

Speaking of Prosser, Joni and I had a chilling experience driving I-82 back Saturday night from taking photos for the Daily Sun News at the art and wine gala in Prosser. As we were driving back a Lamborghini roared by at what I can only guess must have been 80 or 90 miles per hour, then got in the lane in front of us and suddenly slowed to 60 miles per hour and drove at that speed for several miles.

The chill was this: It was one of the same Lamborghinis from the westside I had photographed at a golf clinic in Sunnyside earlier that same day, one of the same Lamborghinis whose owner was in the Lower Valley for wine tasting.

The driver of a luxury car capable of and built for great speed in our area drinking wine and driving the freeways?

Now, a lot of economic benefit has come to this area through the wine industry. But those who frequent these wine tastings need not be out on our Lower Valley roads displaying the effects of the consumed wine. No matter how great the economic benefit the wine industry is to this area, it matters little if you or I end up getting plastered by a drunk driver.

Nothing against Prosser, mind you, but in the process of marketing this area as wine nirvana let's not forget that actual people live, work and, yes, drive here.

That's all for now.

After all, it's Wednesday and time for my weekly produce visit at the Sunnyside farmer's market.

I think I'll walk this time.


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