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Procrastination isn't good when it comes to our health

Okay, so we women, and men for that matter, often times have a tendency to allow our medical needs slide until absolutely necessary.

We dread going to the doctor. We don't want to hear bad news or find out we are eating the wrong things or hear the doctor say we need to change habits with which we have grown comfortable.

I am one who has procrastinated for five years on getting the annual physical. I have gone in for an ear infection or something that needed immediate attention. But, I had failed to schedule the dreaded physical exam.

Well, I finally "bit the bullet." I went in for the exam this week. It went better than I anticipated. I found out my blood pressure is lower than I remember it ever being and I now know my weight. My doctor scolded me slightly about the time lapse between physical exams, citing that I should schedule them on my birthday.

Unfortunately, I am getting old enough now that I need to have other health issues tested that I haven't needed before. So, I had the wonderful experience of taking a trip to the lab at our local hospital for blood work. Needles ... Need I say more?

My doctor also noted that with my increasing age, I am not far from needing another test suggested for women. We will explore that in just three years. And, I am not excited about it.

It is a fact of life that we need to keep up the maintenance of our health. Without the check-ups, something could go drastically wrong before we realize it, and our health may be in jeopardy.

I know this. Do I like this fact? Certainly not, however I don't wish to have my health deteriorate. I don't relish the idea of getting older. After all, I still feel like I am invincible.

I am still young. Many point out that I am a "baby" in comparison to themselves. But, I am not as young as I may look. I am not as young as my age suggests. There are certain changes that begin now. And, that is a fact.

Perhaps denial is good in some instances, however our health is not something to take lightly. A trip to the doctor can wake one up to reality.

I am just happy that I am still relatively healthy and can look forward to a few more years, God willing, on this earth.

Hopefully, I will be courageous enough to set aside all procrastination in the years to come.



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