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Selfless acts of kindness show character

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. I lost a day in my schedule with a holiday and was playing catch-up all of last week.

I had a birthday party coming up and the first thing to surprise me was my oldest child's willingness to use his own money to buy a gift for the youngest child's birthday.

We went grocery shopping and I fully expected the 10-year-old to find something he would rather buy for himself than for his younger brother.

Nope. He asked me to let him know a good time to sneak away so that he could go find that perfect gift for the soon-to-be five-year-old.

I told him that he should disappear just before I took the cart to the meat section. I also told him he should go to the register while I had the younger two children occupied and pay for the gift so that neither of the younger two would see it.

I knew my middle child would spoil the surprise if she saw it.

Brendon did very well. He purchased a Lightning McQueen toy that used up almost half of his allowance money and it turned out to be one of the birthday boy's favorite gifts.

I am proud of Brendon for the sacrifice of his own allowance. He could have allowed me to purchase all the gifts, as I normally do, and purchased something for himself with the money. But, he didn't. I think he is beginning to exhibit a lot of character and maturity in making selfless decisions such as thinking of his brother in this way.

I don't know many children as young as 10 who would do something as selfless as this, unfortunately.

Our community needs children who think of others first. But, how do we achieve this?

I am no expert. I can only say that I have tried to raise my children with an understanding that their actions affect those around them. I have tried to raise them to love one another and respect other people.

I have also instilled in them a foundation based on Christ's teachings. I have worked hard to live by these rules I have set for the children whom I am raising up to become tomorrow's adults.

My family and friends know I am not perfect. But they know I have every great intention at heart.

Perhaps, my example has helped my oldest to begin reflecting what I have taught him and shown him.

I would love to see more children in our community exhibit a greater respect for everyone.

Perhaps, one day, that dream will come true.


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