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Control your pets

I can't for the life of me figure out why pet owners are so careless with their animals. I think if you have a dog, in particular, you should make sure Fido stays in the yard. Dogs are notorious for chasing cars.

I notice more and more of these canines running loose on the road.

Recently, I was driving on a country road and noticed a small dog "mourning" its dead companion, another small dog on the side of the road. The deceased pooch appeared to be what was once a very cute and fuzzy little white fluff ball ... A dog I would love and cherish.

I don't live in the country, but I drive country roads enough to know traffic does not travel at slow speeds. This poor dog deserved better. It deserved to be kept within the safe boundaries of its owner's property.

The scene made me want to cry. I felt badly not only for the dead animal, but also for the poor thing trying to nudge it back to life.

On another occasion, I was traveling another well-taken path on one of the streets in Sunnyside. Again, small dogs were in the road. I try my best to watch for any living creature which may cross my path while I am traversing from one location to another.

Well, the two small dogs were running out in front of vehicles at the last instant and chasing the motorists who passed by. By small dogs, these were chihuahuas. I know how owners of this particular breed of dog generally dote on them. I have seen my fair share of them being toted around with their owners.

These two dogs were in harm's way. There was no avoiding it. I was among many other vehicles trying to maneuver past the dogs. The first dog darted out in front of me. I stopped. He was in sight on the opposite side of the road and I proceeded.

The second dog was on the side of the road where it probably lived. Little did I know, but it decided to cross my path as I proceeded after waiting on its companion. Out of my field of vision, I heard a thunk. I did not see the animal and afterwards tried to see if there was any sign of it. Neither dog could be found.

It bothers me with these incidences. I could tell you at least one more story, but I think the picture has been painted.

So I urge those who have dogs ... PLEASE keep Fido safe from passing motorists. It not only leaves you with a sense of loss if your beloved animal turns up injured or dead, any motorist who may be victim to your pet's throwing itself in harm's way might feel terribly horrible about it too.


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