Cutting to the Core

There's money in chicken

I'm always being bombarded by get-rich schemes, mostly sent to me in e-mail form.

It's either some African prince who needs my help smuggling millions of dollars from his country, which in return he'll give me a hefty fee for my troubles. Or, I'll get an e-mail saying I can make a tidy sum working from my home on the internet.

I'm not opposed to making a lot of money, in fact, I would prefer it. But my chosen profession as a journalist doesn't allow for it. I'll probably never make a huge salary, like $100,000 a year, being in this business and that's OK. I don't need a lot of money to live.

I've accepted that I'll always be middle class unless I score that photograph that all the major publications in the world just have to have, or I write that novel that will make me rich. These things could happen, I just wouldn't bet on it.

But I have thought of a way to make a good living that would allow me to do all the things I want, and that's selling chicken.

There is a little town called Washtucna on Highway 26, about 50 miles from Colfax. This one-lane town has a watering hole named Sonny's Tavern. They serve some of the best chicken I've ever tasted. It's cooked in a pressurized fryer that just makes it scrumptious.

My idea is to sell fried chicken on a beach in Thailand to tourists. There is nothing better than satisfying your munchies with some fried chicken after a day at the beach. Everyone knows it, that's why there is all kinds of food stands near the beaches in Thailand, but they don't sell fried chicken.

I'm pretty sure I could rake in the baht (Thai money) fairly quick. The start-up costs would be minimal. Just three pressurized fryers, approximately $1,000 apiece, and an old bamboo hut on the beach. Oh, and a sign that reads Corey's Chicken Shack.

Getting the chicken wouldn't be a problem either. Thailand has loads of chicken. The Thai government actually tried to trade thousands of pounds of frozen chicken for military warplanes from a country in Europe.

The only thing I'd have to worry about is the competition of other chicken shacks that would spring up once my business became successful.

In the meantime, I'll be turning down those email offers of how to make it big in real estate for just $50. I'm saving my money for some pressurized fryers and a ticket to Thailand.


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