Cutting to the Core

Torture just plain wrong

I like to read Fox News online, especially Bill O'Reilly. He's one funny guy. But a column I read of his this week left my head shaking. He claimed we as Americans would be in danger if Bush was to do away with torture.

I don't claim to be a Christian, but I think generally Christians are good people. Torture isn't very Christian like.

O'Reilly apparently is of the opinion that torturing suspects gives us credible information, and he's alright with that when it comes to prisoners of war or those who are suspected of terrorism.

But there's a great line from the movie Tequila Sunrise that sums up the use of torture pretty well, in my opinion. I can't repeat it because of the foul language, but generally it goes something like...if you torture someone they will say or do anything.

One of the reasons I enjoy being an American, and I do enjoy it, is that we don't torture. We don't grab people off the streets and throw them in a cell somewhere indefinitely. We have laws and we have rights, and that's why people want to come to this country. That's why they travel hundreds of miles in the desert or ride thousands of miles in a cramped cargo hold to get to this country. Because we don't do the things other people do and they know it.

Who should we be allowed to torture? Suspects of terrorism? Prisoners of war? Convicted serial killers? If we say it's alright to torture one group of people, it won't be long before we allow a different group to be tortured.

If torture is such a valuable tool why don't we torture the high school kid found with pot until he tells us where he got it from? We should be able to clean out all the drug dealers in America with this effective tool.

Torture could save the courts a lot of time and money as well. Why don't we just torture everybody into signing a confession. That's what they do in Thailand. I'm not ripping my favorite country, but it's true that the police do that.

Why don't we do that? Because it's wrong. No ifs, ands or's wrong.

If we legitimize torture, we legitimize what the North Vietnamese did to our soldiers in Hanoi.

O'Reilly would probably put me in with his so called "Bush-lied" crowd or call me an "America hater", but I am neither. I don't think we should cuddle suspected terrorists but I do think we should follow the Geneva Convention. It's what we would expect of our enemy.

I know our enemy doesn't play fair most of the time but who wants to be like them. I thought that was the point of going to war with terrorists, because we aren't like them.


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