Don't like it here, then leave

I would like to applaud Brent Cleghorn for the letter that he wrote to the editor (10-24-07). He had the courage to say what a lot of people think.

Now, I would like to add more.

First of all, there are going to be more Hispanics, Latinos and Chicanos arrested in a community that is predominantly comprised of these groups. Sunnyside is predominantly Hispanic. Just like you would have more arrests of Irish people in a predominantly Irish community. Fact is fact, it has nothing to do with racism. It's called probability.

I am a fifth generation Sunnysider, but I come from descendants who immigrated to America. My family came from Germany and England. The difference is that they came legally and were proud to be American and we learned the language. They didn't insist on everyone learning their language and of being called German-Americans.

English is the universal language in the United States, cut and dry. Just because an individual has to learn English does not mean that they have to give up their heritage or culture. It is funny to me how one woman was reported as saying, "that Hispanics have to speak the language of the American culture to have success. It seems like a double culture," Have you looked at the job listings in the newspaper lately, most of them require you to be able to speak Spanish. But the Hispanics are the ones that are being discriminated against? What would America be like if we all spoke different languages? (Tower of Babel)

What about our Dutch community? It is impossible to represent every race when it comes to language; there are too many languages (over 6,000 in the world). Can you imagine what it would do to our schools and taxes if we everyone spoke their native language?

If I moved to Russia, or France, I would learn the language; I wouldn't expect them to change their language to accommodate me.

We, whites, are always considered racist whenever anything happens to a minority (majority in this case). Whites are discriminated against as much or more than Hispanics. We have a MECHA group in our schools, we have a Cesar Chavez parade, and a huge Cinco de Mayo celebration, but what club do we have that is dedicated to the white kids?

If we had a White Pride day, White History month, or a march for our race and rights, we would be considered racists. Basically, whatever we do as "Whites" we are considered racist. Every other ethnicity can be proud of their heritage, except us whites because if we are proud of them we must be racist.

I am tired of people complaining about how America treats them; if you don't like it, leave. If you want Spanish to be the universal language, go back to your homeland. America is the land of the free; you can leave whenever you like.

So quit complaining and be proud to be an American, it doesn't mean you can't be proud of your heritage.

/s/ Michelle Perry, Sunnyside


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