Grandview 10th graders improve WASL scores

GRANDVIEW - The WASL results for the 2006-07 school year have been recently released and Grandview's 10th graders showed improvement in all areas of testing.

More than 72 percent of Grandview sophomores met the WASL standards set for the reading portion of the test. This number is slightly below the state average of 80.6 percent, however it is an improvement of just more than 10 percent over the 2005-06 test results.

Of the 212 sophomores taking the test, the total of students exceeding the standard at level four were 81 students. Sixty-seven students met the standard at level three of the reading test and two more students met standards.

A total of 62 students did not meet the standards set in reading on the WASL exam.

For the math portion of the 2006-07 WASL exam, 29.1 percent of Grandview's sophomores passed the exam. This was a slight improvement from last year's results. The total number of students who took the test was 236. Of those, 16 students exceeded standards and 52 met the standards at level three.

Grandview Schools Assessment Coordinator Brian Anderson said the district would like to see a higher number of students passing the math WASL. "It is obviously an area of concern, and it (improvement) is one of the district's goals. We have included this in our improvement plan."

The writing results were similar to those of the reading results in that 79.5 percent of the 10th graders met standards. Seventy-three of those who met the standards actually exceeded the WASL standards at level four, and 91 students met standards at level three.

A total of 34.7 percent of Grandview's sophomores passed the reading, writing and math portions of the WASL. A total of 11.4 percent of the 10th graders did not pass any of the three subjects.

Grandview tenth graders were also tested in the area of science. Of those tested, 20.7 percent met the standards. All of the students passing the science portion of the WASL met standards at level three. A total of 230 students were tested on this portion of the WASL.

Because of the low number of students meeting standards in science, Anderson stated, "We are sending teachers for training in this area to help improve these scores. The district feels it is important for students to excel in science."

Fourth grade results for the school district show 62.4 percent of those tested met standards in the reading portion of the test, 28.3 percent met the math standards and 47 percent met the writing standards.

All of these results were down from the 2005-06 fourth grade results. Regarding the difference, Anderson commented, "You are never comparing the same group against itself. We are hoping to assist this group of students in improving its success by the 10th grade. Obviously, there are some students who don't learn the same as others, and we hope to address that."

Overall, 23.1 percent of the fourth grade students tested passed all three subjects, 20.1 percent passed two subjects, 28.7 percent passed one subject and 28 percent did not pass any of the subjects.

Grandview seventh graders' test scores improved in 2006-07 from the previous year's results in the two of the three areas tested (math and writing).

Math results show that 28.5 percent of the 267 students tested met or exceeded standards. This percentage is slightly higher than the results from 2005-06.

In writing, 46 percent of Grandview seventh grade students met or exceeded standards. A total of 265 students were tested.

The percentage of students meeting standards in reading dropped from the previous year for Grandview's seventh graders to 39.8 percent out of a total of 266 students tested. Last year's results were slightly above 40 percent.

Anderson said of the change, "These numbers were pretty close to being the same. However, the district has consultants from UW (University of Washington) coming in to assist us with a balanced literacy program since the writing scores were up."


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