Cutting to the Core

It's our right to sue

Sunnyside resident Nestor Gabino is suing the city of Sunnyside for $6 million because a portable soccer goal fell on his son's head, causing bodily damage.

The city of Sunnyside might also be facing another lawsuit from a former employee fired over a personal relationship she had with another city employee.

Most people who have ever driven along South First Street in Sunnyside know Tom Paul is suing the city of Sunnyside and before this week is over, I wouldn't be surprised to learn of another lawsuit leveled against the city.

Now, these lawsuits might all be legitimate. That's not for me to decide. But one thing I can cast my opinion on is lawsuits that are just plain stupid.

There's one case in Nebraska where State Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha has sued God. That's right, God.

Chambers is seeking a permanent injunction against the Big Guy for allowing terroristic threats, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the earth's inhabitants.

Chambers is trying to make a point, and that point is that anyone can sue anyone for any reason.

Recently a judge in Washington D.C. had his $65 million lawsuit thrown out of court. Roy Pearson, the judge, sued the owners of a dry cleaning business for ruining a pair of his pants. This is a judge who I'm sure has seen his share of dumb lawsuits and what does he do? He files one himself.

I can understand it if Pearson took his case to Judge Judy and sued for the cost of his pants, time off from work and so on, but to sue for that amount of money is just stupid and for a real-life judge to even hear it is even more stupid.

I remember hearing about a case where a very over-weight man was suing McDonalds for making him fat. I was working in Thailand at the time and I turned to my Australian counterpart and told her this was what was wrong with America. Surprisingly, she disagreed with me and sided with the fat man.

How can you sue a restaurant chain for making you fat? Nobody forced this man to eat there. How can he sue? Well, it turns out he couldn't because the judge threw it out.

And speaking of stupid lawsuits, who can forget about the lady who spilt hot McDonald's coffee on herself and sued for millions of dollars?

Based on what some judges are willing to hear in court, I might consider filing a lawsuit against the city of Sunnyside. Since I work at the Daily Sun News I have to live in the Sunnyside area. I happen to have allergies to weeds, hay and dust. Maybe I can sue Sunnyside for not keeping the city dust free. I'm giving you fair warning now Sunnyside, but if you want to settle out of court for $50,000 to make this go away, I'll accept. You can send the check to my place of work. Thank you in advance.


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