Hurtful story

I would like to say I am very saddened by this newspaper allowing such write-ups such as the one that was written about the Bickleton volleyball team (Sept. 10).

It hurt our team and tore them down, as well as much of the town whom support our school sports, all due to the reporter's personal opinions and lack of bad hearing.

This is a town in the "hills," yes. However, most of our tiny town spends its money in Sunnyside, and for that we are a part of the Lower Valley.

It was hard to see all these young girls reading what was said about them, their hometown and it was a bad reflection on all of us and our town's sportsmanship. It was very hurtful to the girls, the school and the town.

I think the reporters need to get back to reporting the facts and not their own feelings about anyone. I think the reporter that did this story should be ashamed and think about the damage that has been done.

I know he sent out a "I am sorry," but I read it and did not feel it was heartfelt. He needed to keep to the facts and report only on the game. Reporters need to step back and think about what they are writing, as well as the editors, who need to read the stories before they print them and think about whom it will hurt before it is printed.

/s/ Robin Goodnight

Bickleton girls

not bad sports

I am a mother of a volleyball player from Bickleton. I also am an official. Our girls would never taunt another team. We raise our children with good Christian values up here, and if they were doing rude behavior on the courts or fields in any sport, I know the coaches would pull them and they would not be playing.

The girls were not saying "What's Up," as Corey Russell stated in his article in the Daily Sun News. They were saying "Ball's up" to let everyone on their side of the net know the ball is about to be served. It is good communication and lots of the teams do it.

Also, I feel that many people did not like the "hills" comment in the story, just because of the connotation of "hillbilly" and "uneducated." We have lots of very highly educated people up here, and value education.

Now, nothing against Mr. Russell, I usually enjoy reading his articles. In fact, please come to Bickleton sometime. We will share our nice fresh "hill" air.

/s/ Jeanna Jensen

(Editor's note: Corey Russell did attend Bickleton's home volleyball match this past Tuesday to snap photographs for Wednesday's edition of the Daily Sun News.)

Generosity overwhelming

We would like to thank everyone who helped us to make the benefit yard sale for Chase Morris such a success. There were countless community members and Sunnyside Community Hospital employees who called in, inquiring on how to make donations of yard sale items, monetary support and baked goods.

We would also like to thank an anonymous community member who made a donation of $500. The generosity of these wonderful people will not be forgotten!

We would also like to thank the Daily Sun News for running our ads, Just Ask Rentals for donating the tables used for the yard sale items, Prosser's Auto Mall for the auto details they donated for us to auction off, The Barn Restaurant for the breakfast for two, The Tire Factory for its donation and Sunnyside Community Hospital for allowing us to have this event on their grounds.

It was a very busy and emotional day. There was so much support that we were overwhelmed. It reconfirmed what wonderful and supporting people we have in our community.

/s/ Malissa Garcia, Sunnyside

Respect for fallen soldier appreciated

We want to thank the friends from Sunnyside who helped pay respect and honor Cpl. Matt Emerson on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

The community of Grandview was grateful for the support from our neighboring communities. The funeral route was filled with people and flags, and the reverence was awesome.

/s/ Debi Foster

Biased reporting?

The Daily Sun News has difficulty reporting on stories about labor organizations in anything resembling an unbiased, objective manner.

Take Jennie McGhan's piece, "Not all Grandview teachers backing union proposals." The story's lead line states, "There are some teachers who do not agree with the union's stance." What a revelation! To think that in an organization such as the Grandview Education Association, which represents educated, thinking, articulate adults, there is a diversity of opinions. This is hard-hitting news, indeed.

Then, to confirm this striking thesis, McGhan quotes some GEA members who disagree with some of the union's proposals (but, who also agree with some of GEA's proposals it should be noted, but this is evidently not worthy of a headline in the Daily Sun News). How many teachers comprise this "sample?" One hundred? Fifty? Ten? No, the correct number is two, just under 1 percent of GEA's 203 members. Is this a representative sample? A reasonable person probably wouldn't think so.

Are there two patrons of the Grandview School District who disagree with the District's stance on the issues being negotiated? I bet there are, maybe even three or four. I bet there are at least two administrators in the district who don't agree with all the district's stances. Why not write a story about them?

Or would that be biased? Or why not write a story about the 99+ percent of GEA members who apparently are happy with the union's position? Would that be biased, as well?

The editorial board of the Daily Sun News or Eagles Newspapers apparently has a bias against labor organizations, so be it. But remove that bias from reportage of labor issues altogether and save the vitriol for the opinion page.

/s/ Theodore B. Raihl, Sunnyside

(Editor's note: Jennie McGhan learned there were other teachers who were not in agreement with some of the union proposals, but she could find only two union members willing to go on record.)


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