Cutting to the Core

Let the mudslinging begin

It's convention time, which means the elections are just a hair over two months away. Instead of the big story being an American president without the last name of Bush or Clinton being elected for the first time in 20 years, the big story is how much mud will be slung from now until November.

Of course, Fox News will make sure the mud is slung well past November if Obama wins the White House.

The Democratic party will point out McCain's age and try to make that an issue in the coming election. Age has been raised before and there isn't any proof that the older a person is the less able that person is to lead. True, Ronald Reagan did start to lose his mind towards the end of his presidency but there isn't any reason to believe the country was affected. Unless you count that whole Iran-Contra thing.

The age bias won't work against a guy like McCain. He's too ornery, you just know he's going to live until he's 100 and have his full capabilities right up until the end.

So instead, Democrats will paint him with the same mud they paint with Bush, a once very powerful weapon. I say once because Bush's incompetence has been lessened by General Petraeus's success in Iraq. True, Bush's bungling in Iraq has made things harder for us in Afghanistan but Petraeus is heading there and will soon be directing both wars from Afghanistan.

McCain doesn't look like an idiot for supporting Bush in Iraq anymore because of recent success. This means the Dems will have to go after McCain on the economy and energy prices.

This might not work, however, because McCain never supported Bush's tax cuts, until very recently, and he is all for drilling for oil, something most Americans feel is essential to solving the current energy crunch.

But the Democrats will try and it should be interesting to watch.

The GOP on the other hand will try to paint Obama as someone who doesn't have the experience to lead the United States. I think Kennedy dispelled that notion, but the Republicans, through Fox News, will try.

Obama will be painted as a man who will raise our taxes at a time when Americans don't have a lot of extra money to go around. This is untrue and any tax hikes won't be felt by people struggling to get by, unless you count the trickle down effect.

The dirtiest mud that will be flung at Obama has already started. Republicans have been circulating chain e-mails purporting Obama is a Muslim and has a secret agenda to aid our enemies. Of course, it is possible the Clintons are behind that e-mail campaign, but that's taking away from all of Karl Rove's hard work.

Mud will be slung and flung from both sides and it will get ugly, but we will only have to endure it for two more months. Unless, of course, Obama wins.


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