Cutting to the Core

The terrible twos, so it begins...

Friday will mark the Piper Cub's second birthday and I've been warned of a possible change from my daughter's usually sweet manner.

They call it the terrible twos.

I not sure just what that is but I hope it doesn't get any worse than things are now, not that things are that bad.

Piper, I'm sure, is like any other child getting ready to turn two-years-old. She can be quite stubborn and has mastered the word NO.

"Piper, do you want some vegetables?"


"Give Daddy the remote, Piper."


"Piper, let's get ready for bed."


I'm sure you get the picture. Usually they're just cute, little no's, but sometimes they can become quite forceful.

Piper can only be comforted by her mother. In times of severe distress I am a non-entity in our household. Tanya has a hard time even going outside to get the mail without Piper throwing a fit. I can usually temper them a bit but Piper will still whimper until her mom comes back in the house.

Sometimes I'll take Piper with me to the store and leave Tanya at home. She'll cry for a little bit and then get interested in some cows alongside the road and forget all about Mommy. But once we're back at the house I'm almost completely forgotten again.

Piper likes to practice her baseball skills. She's learned to throw and doesn't let too many opportunities to throw an object pass her by. It's usually Tanya that gets pelted by something. Those legos look like they can hurt.

Piper's other favorite word is, Huh?

You could go back to my three questions and substitute Piper saying Huh instead of No and get a pretty accurate idea of what goes on in my house.

She loves animals and absolutely delights in Stella, our cat, and Boon Mee, our smaller dog. Piper is not too fond of Chok Dee, our larger dog. He usually knocks her over, which results in Piper crying, which results in Tanya having to stop what she's doing because she is the only one who can comfort the Cub.

If Tanya and I aren't careful Piper will take every single pot and pan from the cupboards and set them free. She also likes to pack things up and carry them around. This usually results in a search for the DVD or TV remotes.

One thing she likes to do, and she'll probably kill me for telling this when she's older, is to eat food off the floor like our dogs. It's funny to watch but we always make her stop. She'll take food off the plate and eat it off the floor, then laugh at us when we tell her to stop.

And so it begins. But that's okay, I realize Piper will need to experience a range of emotions to allow her to grow. So bring on the terrible twos because I'll be fine. I'll do what every other husband does in these kinds of situations, I'll hide behind my wife.


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