What's it worth?

This week I was watching the news and witnessed a scene that brought to mind many instances of mob mentality.

On the news was a scene in which several supporters of a presidential candidate voiced a number of epithets and assaulted a well-known news figure. The reason? Because his particular cable network did not allow their candidate to join in recent debates. The candidate did not meet a 10 percent polling number and that was the cable network's criteria.

I am sorry, but this is a sad thing. An incident such as the one I just mentioned is an exhibit of what I deem a cultural low point. There is no regard for other humans when members of our society mob others in this manner.

And I ask, what's it worth?

I find myself asking the same question when I see or hear news reports of similar scenes when there is a shopping frenzy.

The blatant disregard for others in terms of causing injury (physical or otherwise) and sometimes death makes me sad for our society.

When a shopping frenzy occurs, it boils down to greed. This is one of the seven deadly sins, and I cry for those who feel it so desperately that they resort to mob mentality.

The way I deduce that it boils down to greed is that first...the shoppers want the best deal on whatever item they're in search of. That amounts to money and material goods. Do we need to save money so badly that we are willing to injure others in the process of doing so? Second, that particular material item that is being sought becomes so important that other people become meaningless in the process of obtaining it?

Again, I deduce that the scene earlier this week can match criteria for one or more of the seven deadly sins.

So, again, I ask, what's it worth? Are we so ready to lose our souls for the impious desires of our being?


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