Gross Point Blank

I miss George

For me, everyday little things are personal. Trips to the grocery store, family doc, convenience store, name it. I'm fond of all the people I regularly interact with.

Why, then, did I switch pharmacies?

After filling my scripts for years at the Grandview Safeway, I switched gears in June.

I miss George.

George is the pharmacist at Safeway.

Good, reliable, honest and oh-so-patient George.

I've had fun banter with George over the years. My favorite was the friendly argument about albuterol inhalers. He says the red-cap powdery version is no different than the aerosol blue container.

George, who apparently doesn't suffer from asthma, is wrong. And I have relished telling him so.

Only now I can't. I'm buying my albuterol from someone else. Last week, I forlornly looked down at my new little red-capped inhaler and missed George.

Mid-June, I filled a script for lidocaine patches. At the new pharmacy they handed me the box and gave me a pleasant little smile that said, "Here you go, be on your way."

Um, not without talking to the pharmacist.

So I asked the new pharmacist a question. He said, "You know, I don't know. Let's get educated," and sat down and read the information.

I paled.

And I thought, "George would know."

My best friend has never filled a script at the Grandview Safeway, but even she knows George knows.

A couple weeks ago she was lollygagging in her swimming pool. "Come in Lynd!" she said, lazily. I, patch on back, said, "I don't think I can get wet."

Her response? "Call George."

By the way, George, you were right. Lidocaine patches and water do not mix. They puff up to be about an inch thick and slide right off my skin.

I'll be talking to friends that do frequent the Grandview Safeway...occasionally I hear, "Well, I talked to George and he said...."

No one asks who George is.

We all know who George is.

And I, for one, miss George.


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