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Surprisingly, I didn't freak

I always thought I would become hysterical if my home was ever burglarized. I thought I would feel immediately violated.

I am not saying that my recent experience of having our home burglarized is something I would ever like to experience again. However, I didn't react the way I envisioned I would.

Instead, I was pretty calm about it. I assessed my situation and went about reporting the incident to the police with a rational mind.

It is a good thing, too. My six-year-old was with me when the discovery was made that our home had been broken into.

He was pretty matter-of-fact about the situation, too. Either he is just calm about situations that would typically make a child fearful or he drew upon my demeanor. I don't know.

We waited outside the home for an officer to arrive and we asked our neighbors if they had seen anything suspicious. Each one answered that they had not seen anything in the short time span in which the intruders were at my home.

The officer was very polite and I kept my cool while explaining the situation. We both tossed possible scenarios out as to how or why my home was targeted and how the intruders gained entry.

The family members most upset at the situation were probably my two older children who insisted they had locked our doors. They felt a level of responsibility that really they shouldn't have.

I assured them that they were not at fault and we believed they were telling the truth about locking the doors when they left the home.

After the officer arrived, it was discovered that indeed all doors had been locked. We found the point of entry.

My oldest child's response, "Good. Now I don't have to worry it was our fault."

This is when I began to react. I felt my child's worry and the stress of the situation settled upon me like a brick.

My husband felt stressed from the moment I notified him of the situation, but he had remained calm, too.

We no longer think of our home as a safe haven and I can now relate to those who have had this happen to them, too.

Situations like this sadden me because citizens no longer can feel entirely safe. We worry about a great number of possible scenarios just merely driving from one point to another.

I have learned to no longer be so naïve as to whether or not crime will touch my family because it has.

For those who commit these vile acts against your fellow community members, I can only hope justice is swift and unpleasant.

For those who have been victimized in any way, I can only hope that you (and I) can be strengthened in who we are.

I don't know how I will feel about the situation a week, month or year from now. I only know I will move beyond my current circumstances and learn from them...just as I learned I am stronger than I believed and didn't freak.


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