Sunnyside Sharks nip Barracudas

NACHES - Sunnyside's Brittany Broersma won all five individual events in girls 12&U swimming competition yesterday, Thursday, to lead the Sharks past host Naches by a score of 434-367.

Thanks to Broersma and other youngsters, Sunnyside built a big lead, but the Barracudas kept things interesting by outscoring the Sharks 51-8 over the final six events.

Girls 8&U

In this age grouping, Sunnyside swept the top four spots in all four events.

Emily Banks led Sunnyside to a complete sweep in the 25-yard butterfly with a first place time of 26.14. She was followed by teammates Jolissa Mendoza (29.66), Janessa Frank (29.68) and Emily Broersma (30.62).

Broersma captured first place honors in the 25-yard breaststroke with a top clocking of 29 seconds. In another Sunnyside sweep, Broersma was followed by teammates Emily Banks (29.81), Alyssa Martin (31.81) and Kassidy Cram.

In the 25-yard breaststroke, Banks came out on top in a Shark sweep with a clocking of 25.90. She was followed by Mendoza (27.66), Martin (27.79) and Frank (29.85).

It was Banks again leading the way in the 25-yard freestyle, clocking a first place time of 21.99, followed by Mendoza (23.97), Broersma (24.99) and Allison Davis (25.03).

Boys 8&U

Carlo Rodriguez and Patrick Zecchino of Sunnyside captured first and second place honors in the freestyle event, with respective times of 21.19 and 21.62.

Zecchino was first for Sunnyside in the backstroke in 25.26. Teammates Parker Van de Graaf and Rodriguez were third and fourth, respectively, in 30.61 and 30.65.

Rodriguez and Zecchino claimed second and third place, respectively in the breaststroke with clockings of 34.69 and 35.37. Naches' Aaron George won the event in 34.19.

It was George again taking top honors in the butterfly with a time of 24.99. Rodriguez (27.79), Zecchino (32.51) and Van de Graaf (36.62) claimed the second through fourth spots.

As with the girls in this age group, all events were 25 yards in distance.

Athletes in all of the older age groups competed at a distance of 50 yards, except for 200-yard relays and the IM events.

Girls 10&U

Sunnyside captured the medley relay as Katelyn Banks, Ashley Davis, Lindsay Schilperoort and Kalie Bestebreur teamed up for a time of 2:57.26. The freestyle relay also went Sunnyside's way, as the same four swimmers clocked a first-place time of 2:48.37.

Naches' Kaley Roberts was first in the 100-yard IM with a time of 1:34.72. Schilperoort was second in 1:41.99 and Bestebreur was fourth in 1:44.59.

Roberts was first again for the Barracudas in the butterfly with a time of 42.78. Sunnyside teammates Banks and Schilperoort took second and third place honors with respective times of 43.85 and 47.02.

Bestebreur led Sunnyside in the breaststroke with a top time of 49.41 and was followed by Banks (49.58) and Davis (49.93).

Banks sparked the Sharks in the backstroke with a time of 43.11. Schilperoort was fourth in 48.80.

Boys 10&U

The Sunnyside quartet of Bryce Murphy, Fox Rodriguez, Mathew Marquez and Tavian Valenzuela led the Sharks to a first place finish in the medley relay with a time of 3:20.49.

Rodriguez, Valenzuela, Jacob Mendoza and Marquez led Sunnyside to first place honors in the freestyle relay with a time of 3:05.42.

Rodriguez (1:46.29), Mendoza 2:10.13) and Marquez (2:14.87) swept the top three spots in the 100 yard IM.

In the butterfly, Rodriguez won in 53.93, followed by teammates Valenzuela (1:00.67), Marquez (1:04.10) and Mendoza (1:04.99).

The same four swimmers finished in the same places in the breaststroke with respective times of 51.73, 53.49, 53.86 and one minute.

Rodriguez won the backstroke in 52.40, followed by teammate Bryce Murphy in second in 56 seconds, then Valenzuela and Mendoza with third and fourth place times of 59.77 and 1:03.70, respectively.

Valenzuela claimed the top spot in the freestyle in 40.87, followed by Rodriguez (42.07), Marquez (50.15) and Mendoza (50.21).

Girls 12&U

Madi Marquez, Lyndsee Anderson, Brittany Broersma and Jordan Rodriguez captured the medley relay in 2:41.50. The same four girls earned top honors in the freestyle relay with a time of 2:22.09.

As noted, Broersma won all five individual events, starting with a 36.23 clocking in the butterfly. Marquez was second in that event in 39.97.

Broersma and Marquez also went one-two in the breaststroke with respective times of 40.78 and 43.43. Anderson was fourth in 44.29.

Broersma (36.92), Marquez (40.37) and Anderson (46.50) went one-two-three in the backstroke. The same three swimmers finished in the same order in the freestyle, with respective times of 30.97, 32.29 and 36.11.

Broersma completed her sweep with a first-place time of 2:58.37 in the 200 yard IM. Shark teammates Courtnie Cunningham and Alyson Spidle were third and fourth in 4:21.92 and 4:46.14, respectively.

Boys 12&U

The Sunnyside foursome of Trajen Frank, Alex Perez, Joel Martin and Ethan Partch finished first in the 200-yard freestyle relay in a time of 2:40.76. The Shark quartet of Frank, Martin, Perez and Cody Stiltner won the medley relay in 2:59.29.

Nickolas Ramirez won the butterfly for Sunnyside with a time of 43.19 and he was followed by teammate Ethan Partch in 45.58.

Martin (45.21), Frank (50.19), Partch (54.31) and Perez (54.38) swept the top four spots in the breaststroke.

James Simmons of Naches won the backstroke in 51.56. Stiltner and Martin were third and fourth for Sunnyside with respective times of 53.01 and 53.12.

Martin and Perez went one-two for the Sharks in the 200-yard IM with respective times of 3:41.60 and 3:43.22. The two swimmers had the same finishes in the freestyle, clocking times of 36.86 and 36.87.

Girls 14&U

The Sunnyside team of Charley Beth Rollinger, Tara Van Corbach, Marisa Broersma and Emily Hutchins captured the medley relay in 2:34.62.

Naches won the freestyle relay in 2:33.24.

Broersma won the 200-yard IM for Sunnyside in 2:46.54 and placed second to Naches McKenzie Andringa (32.41) in the butterfly with a time of 33.17.

Broersma and Hutchins claimed first and fourth place finishes in the breaststroke with respective times of 38.03 and 47.02.

Broersma (36.50) and Hutchins (43 seconds) earned first and third place honors, respectively, in the backstroke.

In freestyle competition, Broersma and Hutchins were first and fourth, respectively, with times of 29.81 and 35.21.

Boys 14&U

The Sunnyside foursome of Cristian Vargas, Wilson Tramel, Tim Stiteler and Giovanni Rodriguez won the medley relay in 2:23.04. Naches won the freestyle relay in 2:22.93.

Arik Debord of Naches won the IM in 2:51.45 and captured first place honors in the freestyle with a time of 28.13. Stiteler was second for Sunnyside in the freestyle in 30.31.

Debord was first for the Barracudas in the backstroke in 32.34. Stiteler was third in 39.33.

Debord and Stiteler went one-two in the breaststroke, with the Naches swimmer clocking a time of 36.87 and the Shark finishing in 38.63.

Debord just missed winning all five individual events, as Sunnyside's Cristian Vargas won the butterfly in 29.72, while the Naches swimmer was second in 29.83. Stiteler was third in 33.75.

Girls 16&U

Naches won the medley relay in 2:29.19 and the freestyle relay in 2:09.59.

The Baracuda's Bailey Dekker won the IM in 2:47.99, while teammate Hannah Davidson won the freestyle in 30.35. Sunnyside's Alissa Martin was fourth in the freestyle in 30.85.

Dekker was first in the backstroke in 36.07 and Martin was again fourth with a clocking of 38.28.

Naches' Hannah Davidson won the breaststroke in 39.46, with Martin third in 41.94.

Davidson and Martin were first and second in the butterfly with respective times of 34.29 and 36.30.

Boys 16&U

Naches won both the medley and butterfly relays in respective times of 2:18.53 and 2:01.50.

Edgar Vargas of Sunnyside was first in the butterfly in 32.69, followed by teammates Matt Hatfield (35.87) and Spencer Jaquish (36.81) in second and third places, respectively.

Luke Gillespie of Naches won the breaststroke in 34.21. Vargas (38.93), Jaquish (42.44) and Hatfield (42.49) followed in second through fourth places.

Gillespie also won the backstroke in 38.52, followed by Jaquish (38.53), Hatfield (38.59) and Vargas (39.76).

Gillespie clocked a time of 27.45 to capture first place honors in the freestyle. Hatfield (29.37), Jaquish (31.24) and Vargas (31.72) were second through fourth.

Gillespie won his fourth event in this age group with a first place time of 2:44.18 in the IM.

Girls 18&U

Jessica Engquist of Naches won the IM in 3:00.25. Sunnyside's Julie Wedam was third in 3:47.77.

Wedam was also third in the freestyle in 38.95. Engquist won the event in 32.45.

The same two swimmers had the same finishes in the backstroke, with Engquist first in 38.81 and Wedam third in 46.27.

Naches' Morgan Voorhies won the breaststroke in 40.32. Wedam was fourth in 58.49.

Engquist won the butterfly in 34.03 and Wedam was fourth in 46.95.

Boys 18&U

Naches won all five individual events, with Sunnyside unable to place anyone in the top four.

Derek Johnson won the IM for the Barracudas in 2:54.07 and prevailed in the freestyle in 27.96. Zack Gilbert was first for Naches in the breaststroke in 35.88.

Johnson won the other two events, with a time of 33.46 in the butterfly and 39.19 in the backstroke.


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