Gross Point Blank

I'm a text junkie

I've added text messaging to my list of innocuous addictions. It all started simply enough: a guy friend who hates talking on the phone. He prefers texting.

Soon, I surpassed my free 100 text messages per month included in my plan and my cell phone bill swelled by $100.

So, I did what any reasonably minded person would do.

I upped it to 250.

I've found that texting is a fast, easy way to make sure a friend's all right, make hasty plans to go out, touch base with family, or simply say, "Thinking of U."

Initially, the whole abbreviated word thing bugged me. I was patiently spelling every word, like you and are, out. Not anymore, I have too much to say and want to get it out quickly.

Now other friends have jumped on the texting band wagon, including my best friend who's taken to texting me every morning, "U up yet?"

Even one word answers to yes or no questions, like 'K', were costing me.

This prompted yet another call to the cell phone carrier, who actually tried to dissuade me from going any higher than 250 texts a month. She argued that I'd only exceeded it by three or four texts.

I had to explain that I and my adult friends are as bad as teenagers now--sneaking texts here and there throughout the work day and into the evening, even during supper.

I'm now paying for 750 texts a month.

If things keep going the way they're going, I'll be upping that to unlimited texting in no time.


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