'F" as in frank

Leap Daisy

With the passing of Brandi, our yellow-lab mix, a couple of weeks ago, Joni and I initially thought we'd wait awhile before we got another pup, maybe wait until Joni's summer break this June to properly train and acclimate the new arrival.

Well, that changed on Leap Day, appropriately enough, as we took the leap back into petdom with a very active eight-month-old black lab we call Daisy.

We're working to train her in the intricacies of human/canine companionship, like walking with a leash.

Daisy's showing some improvement, but it's been something of a culture shock for us to go from, relatively, mild-mannered and middle-aged Brandi to wild child Daisy.

Why, just the other day there was the plastic planter incident, in which Daisy found an old discarded thin plastic container for potting plants and managed to tear it up three ways to sideways and still have a portion of it on her head.

Getting ready for work yesterday morning, I stumbled upon yet another reminder of our new pet, as the hairbrush handle had tell-tale teething marks. Actually, they were more than teething marks. More like chunks chewed out if it in Jaws-worthy fashion.

Joni reminds me from time to time that Brandi, too, bounded about and got in trouble when we first started training her...and she turned out to be pretty OK.

We're still trying to adapt to Daisy and her to us, but we're giving her time, this new dog, who can be sweet and stubborn seemingly all at the same time.

Then again, that sounds like us humans, sometimes.


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