Cutting to the Core

Come home, Chok Dee

Isn't it funny how the things you think you won't miss when they're gone, you do?

That happens to me all the time. It usually happens to me with my wife. There are times when she will visit friends in the Tri-Cities and stay for a couple of days. One time she went and stayed a week with my mom in Spokane.

Before these events I would be like an eight-year-old kid waiting for Christmas day. Just waiting for when I can have a little time by myself away from the wife and kid.

But it's never as sweet as I imagine it should be. An afternoon will go by and it's all cool, but by nightfall I'm missing my wife and daughter.

I find it pathetic that I get so excited about the prospect of some "me" time, but I can't even go eight hours before I start missing my family. Maybe a few hours longer if I consume some beverages.

This weird feeling happened again just recently. My family has two dogs that I really don't like. They are rescue dogs and both are just dumber than a box of rocks. I'm sure they could be trained up a bit but their sheer dumbness frustrates me so bad I can't be around them for extended periods of time.

Now don't get me wrong, the dogs are taken care of. I feed them and made sure they had their shots. I even had them neutered and spayed to prevent them from infecting the world with their offspring. Every once in a while I even pet and cuddle with them.

But, my daughter just loves them and the wife is rather fond of them, too. I can understand why Piper loves them, she's two-years-old. I don't understand why my wife loves them, I guess that's just her nature.

Well, the other day my male dog, Chok Dee, went missing. The cruddy thing is I liked him the most. If I was going to have a dog go missing it would be Boon Mee, not Chok Dee.

Anyway, he's gone and I miss him. Isn't that weird?

I just got him neutered, which cost me $47. That and all the food I got him adds up, in my estimation, that Chok Dee owes me his lifetime as a dog. It just wasn't cool for him to go missing like that and upset my wife (Piper hasn't noticed yet).

We went looking for him but so far we haven't been able to find his body. This makes me believe he is still alive. Since he was too close to Boon Mee to just leave her I figure someone took him.

Now, why would someone take a dog like Chok Dee? After all, he doesn't have that many attributes. He did have a pretty cool looking face but other than that he was just a mutt. Maybe someone thought he was abandoned and decided to rescue him, again.

So, if anyone recently rescued a German Shepherd/?? mix in the vicinity of South Emerald Road, he's probably my dog. Please bring him back or tell him to go home. He still owes a debt to me, my wife misses him and I'm sure Piper will start to wonder one day what ever happened to that miniature horse that used to knock her down.


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