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Burned out on presidential candidates

I have had enough! Washington state held its primary elections in February, as anyone who voted knows. However, there are still two states yet to hold their primaries and political pundits are busy rallying back and forth about Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.

I admit my household is very political. Unfortunately, though, we are tuned out to political news lately.

The reason we haven't been motivated to watch my husband's favorite channel for political news is because we are tired of hearing about Clinton and Obama.

We are tired of hearing the personal jabs being taken and we are burned out on the same stories being discussed each day.

It seems to be the same news replayed, with a different spin and revolving political commentators.

It gets old, in my mind.

I heard one pundit state that many voters feel the same as I do recently. He stated that the voters who have been paying attention to the presidential candidates from the beginning have more than likely made up their minds on who they will vote for. And further more, the majority of those voters have already cast their vote in their state's primary elections.

That would include voters in 48 states, if my calculations are correct.

The pundit went on to say that those who have yet to make up their minds regarding the candidate of choice will more than likely tune in to the news and listen to the sound bites offered within the final month of the general election.

So, I tend to wonder...if he was correct in his statements, which I felt sounded accurate, why are the political talk shows carrying so much news of the same nature?

I, personally, would like to hear something different than Barak's newest sound bite regarding Reverand Wright.

I know there is far more news available than that which is currently being offered to the politically minded.


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